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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Anatomical variations of lumbar arteries and their clinical implications: a cadaveric studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2015Anatomical variations of the common peroneal nerve (cpn) and the deep pereoneal nerve (dpn) in the lateral compartment of the leg: A cadaveric studySalgado, L.S.S.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Hasan, R.; Salvin, K.A.; Fernando, E.D.P.S.; Ranaweera, M.S.L.; Padeniya, A.G.P.M.; Senevirathne, S.P.; Ranaweera, K.R.K.L.K.
2015Anatomical variations of the musculocutaneous nerve - A cadaveric studyPadeniya, A.G.P.M.; Salgado, L.S.S.; Hasan, R.; Fernando, E.D.P.S.; Ranaweera, R.M.S.L.; Abeysuriya, V.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Salvin, K.A.; Siriwardana, S.A.S.R.; Balasooriya, B.M.C.M.; Alahakoon, A.M.D.K.
2006Association between changes of lumbar spine and age, physical activity and body mass index in a sample of Sri Lankan population: A descriptive studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2015Association between pain and disability in patients with chronic mechanical low back painPerera, G.L.R.S.; Wijayaratne, L.S.; Senarath, U.; Dissanayake, P.H.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Dissanayake, V.H.W.
2005Association between the intima media thickness of lumbar arteries and the cell density of lumbar intervertebral discs: a postmortem study among Sri Lankan adultsKarunanayake, A.L.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Fonseka, M.M.D.; Wijayaratne, L.S.
2015Association between the number of chondrocytes of lumbar intervertebral discs and age, abdominal aorta atherosclerosis and lumbar artery arteriosclerosis , a descriptive cross sectional studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Gupta, A.
2017Associations between disc space narrowing, anterior osteophytes and disability in chronic mechanical low back pain: a cross sectional studyPerera, R.S.; Dissanayake, P.H.; Senarath, U.; Wijayaratne, L.S.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Dissanayake, V.H.W.
2018Chronic low back pain and its association with lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral disc changes in adults. A case control studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Wijayaratne, L.S.
2006Comparison of undergraduate student performance in Anatomy practical examination after studying prosected anatomy specimens and after doing anatomy dissectionsKarunanayake, A.L.; Salgado, L.S.S.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2021The effect of 6-week core stability training on core endurance and physical performance in professional rugby players: A randomized controlled pilot studySenavirathna, C.S.; Mallawaarachchi, A.P.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Gunawardena, S.
2004Effect of atherosclerosis on lumbar intervertebral disc cells in a sample of Sri Lankan population: a postmortem studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Wijayaratne, L.S.; Fonseka, M.M.D.
2022Effectiveness of anapana, body scan and metta meditation techniques on chronic neck and shoulder region pain and disability in adult patients in Sri Lanka: study protocol for a cluster clinic-level randomised controlled trialKarunanayake, A.L.; Solomon-Moore, E.; Coghill, N.
2017Effectiveness of early stretching exercises for range of motion in the shoulder joint and quality of functional recovery in patients with burns - a randomized control trialPerera, A.D.; Perera, C.; Karunanayake, A.L.
2015Effectiveness of early stretching exercises for range of motion of the shoulder joint, state of axillary scar and quality of recovery in burnt patients admitted to the Burns unit of the National Hospital of Sri LankaPerera, G.A.D.; Perera, C.; Karunanayake, A.L.
2009Factors associated with osteoporosis among a sub-urban Sri Lankan populationKarunanayake, A.L.; Pinidiyapathirage, J.; Salgado, L.S.S.
2003Gross anatomical variations of lumbar vasculature among Sri Lankan adults: a cadaveric studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Jayasinghe, J.A.P.; Wijayaratne, L.S.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2011Hand book on examination of spine, upper limb joints and lower limb joints : book 1Karunanayake, A.L.
2016Hand book on gross anatomy upper limb & lower limb : spots and viva for self evaluationKarunanayake, A.L.
2008Is osteoporosis more common among adult Sri Lankans with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)?de Silva, A.P.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Dissanayaka, T.G.I.; Dassanayake, A.S.; Duminda, H.K.K.T.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, H.J.