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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Energy saving with special attention to the factor of electricity ; a case study on the university of Kelaniya, Sri LankaKalansooriya, J.
2015Hierarchy of leisure Constraints in semi urban communities Sri Lanka. With special Reference: Wewelduwa GN divisionChandrathilaka, P.H.D.; Kalansooriya, J.
2007Improving Efficiency and Productivity in Government Institutes: Reduction of Cycle Time of the Mail Delivery System (MDS) of the University of Kelaniya: A Case StudyKalansooriya, J.
2015Influence of visitor’s perception on relationship between visitor experience and satisfactionKarunarathna, R.P.N.; Kalansooriya, J.
2015Intermediate effect of tourist perception towards harassment on the relationship between tourist harassment and satisfactionJayasiri, S.A.P.N.; Kalansooriya, J.
2016Parental Purposes for Motivating Children to Engage in School-Based SportsDissanayake, N.B.; Kalansooriya, J.; Kumari, H.V.M.; Arachchige, O.; Pitigala, P.K.G.C.
2008Problem solving through participative management: a case study faculty of social sciences, university of Kelaniya, Sri LankaKalansooriya, J.
2015Reducing Lead Time in Library Book Issue Counter Process (LBICP): A Value Stream Mapping Approach; A case study at the library in University of Kelaniya, Sri LankaLakmali, K.N.; Kalansooriya, J.
2008Results oriented vs. process orientedKalansooriya, J.
2006A Visual Management System for Universities - A CASE STUDY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF KELANIYA, SRI LANKASirisena, H.; Hewawitanagamage, U.R.; Munasinghe, J.; Sakalasooriya, N.; Kalansooriya, J.