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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus and aflatoxin formation in selected spices during storageRajasinghe, M.; Abeywickrama, K.P.; Jayasekera, R.
1996Air pollution monitoring at the Environmental Specimen Bank of Germany: spruce and pine shoots as bioindicatorsRossbach, M.; Jayasekera, R.
1996Background levels of heavy metals in plants of different taxonomic groups from a montane rain forest in Sri LankaJayasekera, R.; Rossbach, M.
2004Bulk and trace element analysis of spices. The applicability of k0-standardization and energy dispersive Xray fluorescenceJayasekera, R.; Freitas, M.C.; Araújo, M.F.
1991Chemical composition of the mangrove, Rhizophora mangle L.Jayasekera, R.
2005Concentration levels of major and trace elements in rice from Sri Lanka as determined by the k0-standardization methodJayasekera, R.; Freitas, M.C.
2007Development of a Job Control System to Optimize Web TrafficsFernando, S.; Dalugama, J.; Jayasekera, R.; Dassanayake, G.; Patu, V.; Minato, A.; Ozawa, S.
1993Effect of available rooting volume on seedling growthJayasekera, R.; Lieth, H.
2009Effect of poultry manure and inorganic fertilizer on the arbuscular mycorrhiza in coconutKarunasinghe, T.G.; Fernando, W.C.; Jayasekera, R.
1987Elemental composition of different plant speciesMarkert, B.; Jayasekera, R.
1992Elemental concentrations in a tropical montane rain forest in Sri LankaJayasekera, R.
1992Environmental specimen banking: a new concept for environmental monitoring and assessmentJayasekera, R.
1999A Family with alkaptonuria showing quasidominant inheritancede Silva, A.P.; Seneviratne, S.L.; Gunatilake, S.B.; Fonseka, M.M.D.; Jayasekera, R.; de Silva, H.J.
2016The Impact of Analysts’ Stock Recommendations on the Hong Kong Stock MarketChoudhry, T.; Nandi, M.; Jayasekera, R.; Dassanayaka, G.; Vigne, S.
1993Implementation of specimen banking concepts in developing countries: First trial - Sri LankaJayasekera, R.; Rossbach, M.
2007Improvement of Text-based E-learning Contents by Using a New Multimedia-type Web Authoring Tool - A case study from a Sri Lankan UniversityDassanayake, G.; Patu, V.; Fernando, S.; Jayasekera, R.; Minato, A.; Noguchi, H.; Ozawa, S.
1993Interelement correlations in the mangrove, Rhizophora mangle L.Jayasekera, R.; Lieth, H.
1993Interelement relationships in leaves of tropical montane treesJayasekera, R.
2016Interspecific Relationships of Piper Species in Sri Lanka as Revealed by DNA Barcode ITSJayarathna, N.; Senanayake, S.P.; Rajapakse, S.; Jayasekera, R.; Paranagama, P.A.
2000Large scale air monitoring: Biological indicators vs. air particulate matterRossbach, M.; Jayasekera, R.; Kniewald, G.