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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The agreement among different scoring systems used in the assessment of histologicai activity in ulcerative colitisMahendra, B.A.G.G.; Hewavisenthi, S.
1998An Appendiceal skips lesion in ulcerative colitis,(VC)Hewavisenthi, S.; Deen, K.I.
2015Are we addressing ethical issues in histopathology adequately ?Rathnayaka, R.M.U.S.; Beneragama, D.H.; Hewavisenthi, S.
2017An audit of lymph node retrieval and histopathology reporting of pancreaticoduodenctomy specimens undertaken at a tertiary care referral centerSiriwikum, L.B.D.J.; Samarakoon, N.K.; Liyanage, S.K.; Mahendra, B.A.G.G.; Ratnayake, R.M.U.S.; Hewavisenthi, S.
2020Chondroblastoma with atypical featuresSilva, K.G.H.; Mahendra, B.A.G.G.; Hewavisenthi, S.
2015Choriocarcinoma of the ovary: a case reportEkanayake, C.D.; Wijesinghe, P.S.; Herath, R.P.; Puliyadda, T.M.N.K.; Hewavisenthi, S.
2006Choriocarcinoma presenting as a renal tumourRatnayake, S.A.G.R.; Hewavisenthi, S.
2005Clinical, biochemical and histological characteristics of a Sri Lankan population of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) patientsHewavisenthi, S.; Dassanayake, A.S.; de Silva, H.J.
2000Colerectal carcinoma: audit of histopathology reportsHewavisenthi, S.; Samarasekera, D.S.; Priyadharshani, J.W.S.
2006Colonic mucin patterns in ulcerative colitis: Implications in disease progression and colorectal carcinoma riskHewavisenthi, S.; Dayarathne, K.W.N.; Laffcrar, M.
2009Colonoscopic ultrasound is associated with a learning phenomenon despite previous rigid probe experienceSiriwardana, P.N.; Hewavisenthi, S.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Deen, K.I.
2000Colorectal carcinoma - an audit of histopathology reportsHewavisenthi, S.
2003Continuing medical education (CME) in pathology: the role of the college of pathologists of Sri Lanka.Hewavisenthi, S.; de Silva, M.V.C.
2000Do pathologists and clinicians understand each other?Hewavisenthi, S.; Fernando, W.P.A.
2002Gastric disease in patients presenting with dyspeptic symptomsHewavisenthi, S.; Suranimala, H.D.C.; Alwis, W.H.D.
2002Gastrointestinal stromal tmours (GIST) revisitedHewavisenthi, S.; de Silva, M.V.C.
2005Getting the best results from the histopathology report-the responsibilities of the clinical teamHewavisenthi, S.
2012Granulomatous colitis: Can pathology help in differentiating intestinal tuberculosis from Crohns disease ?Hewavisenthi, S.
2004Histological evaluation and H. pylori status of dyspeptic patients without gastrooesophageal refluxHewavisenthi, S.; Suranimala, H.D.C.; Alwis, W.H.E.; Senevirathne, K.A.D.C.
2012Histological study of macroscopically normal mucosa adjacent to tumour in colorectal resection specimensRatnayake, R.M.U.S.; Hewavisenthi, S.