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2014Accessory muscle in the flexor compartment of the forearm: A case reportHasan, R.; Fernando, E.D.P.S.; Salvin, K.A.; Dilshani, W.M.S.; Niwunhella, N.A.D.P.; Perera, A.A.M.M.S.L.; Wijesundara, W.M.R.D.
2011Anatomical dimension of the Caudate lobe of the liverWidanagama, M.A.; Prabodha, L.B.L.; Palahepitiya, K.N.; Nanayakkara, B.G.; Ilayperuma, I.; Hasan, R.
2011Anatomical dimensions of the portal vein: A cadaver studyPinsara, G.H.M.; Palahepitiya, K.N.; Nanayakkara, B.G.; Ilayperuma, I.; Hasan, R.
2011An anatomical study of the tarsal tunnel: A cadaveric studyKarunanayake, A.; Hasan, R.; Salgado, S.; Salvin, K.A.; Fernando, P.; Ranaweera, L.; de Alwis, R.P.; Herath, S.; Senadipathy, C.; Mahawaththa, T.; Fernado, E.; Ilayperuma, I.
2015Anatomical variations of the common peroneal nerve (cpn) and the deep pereoneal nerve (dpn) in the lateral compartment of the leg: A cadaveric studySalgado, L.S.S.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Hasan, R.; Salvin, K.A.; Fernando, E.D.P.S.; Ranaweera, M.S.L.; Padeniya, A.G.P.M.; Senevirathne, S.P.; Ranaweera, K.R.K.L.K.
2015Anatomical variations of the musculocutaneous nerve - A cadaveric studyPadeniya, A.G.P.M.; Salgado, L.S.S.; Hasan, R.; Fernando, E.D.P.S.; Ranaweera, R.M.S.L.; Abeysuriya, V.; Karunanayake, A.L.; Salvin, K.A.; Siriwardana, S.A.S.R.; Balasooriya, B.M.C.M.; Alahakoon, A.M.D.K.
2012Anomalies of the Lumbrical Muscles of the HandRanaweera, L.; Hasan, R.; Salgado, S.; Karunanayake, A.; Salvin, K.A.; Fernando, P.; Fernando, E.; Wijesooriya, P.; Vithanage, S.
2014Conducting viva voce examinations during preclinical years in the faculty of medicine, University of Kelaniya: Is it of relevance?Hasan, R.; Perera, A.A.M.M.S.L.; Wijesundara W M R D; Dilshani, W.M.S.; Niwunhella, N.A.D.P.; Salvin, K.A.; Fernando, E.D.P.S.
2016Coracobrachialis muscle: morphology, morphometry and gender differencesIlayperuma, I.; Nanayakkara, B.G.; Hasan, R.; Uluwitiya, S.M.; Palahepitiya, K.N.
2016The Effects of abnormal prolactin levels on semen parameters on male white rats.Hasan, R.; Wijesinghe, J.A.A.S.
2016Experience on endoscopic management of Iatrogenic bile duct injuries following laparoscopic cholecystectomyHasan, R.; Abeysuriya, V.; Navarathne, N.M.M; Wijesinghe, J.A.A.S.
2016Histological analysis of chronic inflammatory patterns in the gall bladderHasan, R.; Abeysuriya, V.; Hewavisenthi, J.; Wijesinghe, J.A.A.S.
2016Implications of prolactin abnormalities on the male reproductive tract and male factor infertilityHasan, R.; Wijesinghe, J.A.A.S.
2011Incidence of pyramidalis muscleRajawasam, P.P.; Prabodha, L.B.L.; Gamage, U.; Nanayakkara, B.G.; Ilayperuma, I.; Hasan, R.
2016Morphological variations of cystic artery in triangle of calot in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: experience in tertiary care surgical unit in South Asian country.Abeysuriya, V.; Kumarage, S.K.; Hasan, R.; Wijesinghe, J.A.A.S.
2013Prolactin and male infertilityHasan, R.; Weerasooriya, T.; Illeperuma, I.; Weerasinghe, W.S.; Withana, A.K.G.
2014A Study on the effects of prolactin and Its abnormalities on semen parameters of male white rats.Hasan, R.
2012Variations in the Termination of the Human Thoracic DuctHasan, R.; Salgado, S.; Karunanayake, A.; Salvin, K.A.; Fernando, P.; Ranaweera, L.; Vithanage, S.; Wijesooriya, P.; Ilayperuma, I.; Fernando, E.
2014Variations of the Superficial Palmar Arch in a Sri Lankan Perspective: A Cadaveric StudySalgado, L.S.S.; Hasan, R.; Perera, A.A.M.M.S.L.; Wijesundara, W.M.R.D.; Anuradha, W.K.