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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Achievements and challenges in psychiatric education and training in Sri LankaHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Hanwella, R.
2008Attitudes toward prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy for genetic disorders among healthcare workers in a selected setting in Sri Lankade Silva, D.C.; Jayawardana, P.; Hapangama, A.; Suraweera, E.G.D.N.; Ranjani, D.; Fernando, S.; Karunasena, C.; Jinadasa, S.
2020Awareness and attitudes regarding electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) among patients and caregivers at a psychiatry unit in a tertiary care hospital in Sri LankaGunasekera, T.; Fernando, R.; Peris, M.U.P.K.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Hapangama, A.
2019Awareness and usage patterns of substances among pre-clinical phase students at a Medical Faculty in Sri LankaHapangama, A.; Fernando, R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2019Awareness regarding electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) among service users at a tertiary care hospitalHapangama, A.; Gunasekera, T.; Pieris, M.U.P.K.; Fernando, R.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2020Betel-quid use and its effects on symptoms of schizophrenia and extrapyramidal symptoms among a group of patients in a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka.Isuru, A.; Ediriweera, D.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Embuldeniya, A.; Narammalage, H.; Warnakulasuriya, S.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Hapangama, A.
2021COVID-19 pandemic and assessments of final year medical students in psychiatry: an innovative Sri Lankan experienceHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2020Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Leibowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS-SR) sinhala versionHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, L. A.; de Silva, R.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Ravindran, A.; Williams, S. S.
2022Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS-SR) Tamil VersionHapangama, A.; Premaratne, I.; Thilaxshan, T.; Gadambanathan, T.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2014Cross-cultural validation of the Sinhalese version of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS-SR): study of the items and internal consistencyWilliams, S.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Hapangama, A.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Ravindran, A.
2008Dextromethorphan abuseHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2008Ethno-psychopharmacologyHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2019Headache: an important symptom possibly linked to white matter lesions in thalassaemia.Premawardhena, A.; Ranawaka, U.; Pilapitiya, T.; Weerasinghe, G.; Hapangama, A.; Hettiarachchi, S.; Salvin, K.; Silva, I.; Hameed, N.; Weatherall, M.; Olivieri, N.; Weatherall, D.
2021Impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of frontline and non-frontline healthcare workers in Sri LankaBaminiwatta, A.; de Silva, S.; Hapangama, A.; Basnayake, K.; Abayaweera, C.; Kulasinghe, D.; Kaushalya, D.; Williams, S.
2021Maternal mental health services in Sri Lanka: challenges and solutionsHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2019Minimizing wait time for patients with mental health issues at an Emergency Department: An Australian experienceHapangama, A.; Kojadinovic, V.; Katz, P.
2008Patient choice in psychiatry in low- and middle-income countriesKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Hapangama, A.
2009Postnatal mental disordersKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Hapangama, A.
2019Pregabalin misuse: A silent epidemicHapangama, A.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2021Prevalence and predictors of new onset depression in the acute phase of strokeIsuru, A.; Hapangama, A.; Ediriweera, D.; Samarasinghe, L.; Fonseka, M.; Ranawaka, U.