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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Effect of Brand Equity for Women’s Purchasing Intention on Clothing Own Brands in Sri Lanka.Maduwegedara, N.K.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Factors Affecting the Attitude towards Facebook Advertisements – With Special Reference to Colombo City Customers.Sandaruwan, P.M.D.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2016Factors Affecting the Purchasing Intention of Green ProductsGayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017The Factors Affecting the Revisit Intention of Fast Food Restaurants:(With Special Reference to Generation Y in Western Province Sri Lanka).Kuruppuarachchi, E.N.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Factors Influencing the Brand Loyalty towards the Fast Food Industry in Sri Lanka: with Special Reference to Internationally Franchised Fast Food Brands in Sri LankaPerera, H.M.H.N.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Impact of Brand Knowledge on Consumer Lifetime Value with Special References to Ayurvedic Products in Sri Lanka.Sudharshana, N.A.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2016The Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Customer Buying Intentions of the Sri Lankan Malted Milk Powder Market.Chandrasiri, N.A.S.S.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Impact of Promotional Tools on Purchasing Intension of Telecommunication Networks: with special reference to educated youth generation in Colombo in Sri LankaAbeysinghe, M.G.H.M.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Impact of Social Factors on Consumer Impulsive Buying Behavior in Sri Lanka.Basnayaka, B.M.M.G.T.R.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2015Legend of Entrepreneurial Business Model: A Case Study of Lanka Harness Co. (Pvt) LtdGayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2016The Product Attributes That Influence the Smart Phone Buying Decision of Young People (Generation Y) In Sri Lanka.Nilukamal, I.L.T.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Purchasing Intention towards Online Shopping: with special reference to M-shopping in Sri Lanka.Gallage, P.M.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017The Significant Impact of CRM Practices on Customer Satisfaction: with Special Reference to Interior & Exterior Blinds Companies in Sri LankaPerera, G.D.D.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.
2017Study on Factors affect on the Consumer Purchase Intension on Fruit Drinks: Special Reference to Sri Lankan Beverages MarketDhananjaya, M.T.D.; Gayathree, D.A.G.P.K.