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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Descriptive Investigation of Strongyloidiasis Infection and Characterization of Strongyloides stercoralis Using Morphological and Molecular-Based MethodsGunathilaka, N.; Chandrasena, N.; Wijerathna, T.; Fuji, Y.; Gunasekara, D.; Gunatilaka, R.P.; Premaratna, R.
2009Hospital-based study of the severity and economic burden associated with rotavirus diarrhea in Sri LankaChandrasena, N.; Rajindrajith, S.; Ahmed, K.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Nakagomi, O.
2021An investigation of a new cutaneous leishmaniasis endemic area in Western Sri LankaMallawarachchi, C.H.; Chandrasena, N.; Wijerathna, T.; Dalpadado, R.; Mallawarachchi, M.S.M.N.S.; Gunarathna, D.G.A.M.; Gunathilaka, N.
2020Molecular characterization of culturable aerobic bacteria in the midgut of field-caught Culex tritaeniorhynchus, Culex gelidus, and Mansonia annulifera mosquitoes in the Gampaha district of Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Ranasinghe, K.; Amarasinghe, D.; Rodrigo, W.; Mallawarachchi, H.; Chandrasena, N.
2018Morbidity management and disability prevention for lymphatic filariasis in Sri Lanka: Current status and future prospectsChandrasena, N.; Premaratna, R.; Gunaratne, I.E.; de Silva, N.R.
2016A preliminary community survey of selected dengue patient households in the Ragama MOH, Gampaha DistrictWijegunawardana, N.D.A.D.; Gunathilaka, N.; Udayanga, L.; Gunawardene, N.; Dassanayake, R.; Chandrasena, N.; Bourtzis, K.K.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2019Prevalence of ectoparasitic infections and other dermatological infections and their associated factors among school children in Gampaha District, Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Chandrasena, N.; Udayanga, L.
2016Rickettsial disease IFA-IgG titres in Auto-Immune diseases; what do they imply?Balasooriya, B.L.P.P.; Bandara, N.; Chandrasena, N.; Premaratna, R.
2014Rickettsial infection among military personnel deployed in Northern Sri LankaPremaratna, R.; Ariyaratna, N.; Attanayake, C.; Bandara, W.; Chandrasena, N.; de Silva, J.
2016Toxoplasmosis awareness, seroprevalence and risk behavior among pregnant women in the Gampaha district, Sri LankaChandrasena, N.; Herath, R.; Rupasinghe, N.; Samarasinghe, B.; Samaranayake, H.; Kasturiratne, A.; de Silva, N.R.
2011What clinicians who practice in countries reaching malaria elimination should be aware of: lessons learnt from recent experience in Sri LankaPremaratna, R.; Galappaththi, G.; Chandrasena, N.; Fernando, R.; Nawasiwatte, T.; de Silva, N.R.; de Silva, H.J.