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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Maternal and social determinants of excessive weight gain during pregnancy: a cohort studyAbeysena, C.; Jayawardana, P.
2010Maternal haemoglobin level at booking visit and its effect on adverse pregnancy outcomeAbeysena, C.; Jayawardana, P.; Senevirathne, R. de A.
2020Maternal satisfaction on postnatal and neonatal care of babies treated for neonatal sepsis in secondary and tertiary care hospitals of a district in Sri LankaJayasinghe, C.; Abeysena, C.
2009Maternal sleep deprivation is a risk factor for small for gestational age: a cohort studyAbeysena, C.; Jayawardana, P.; Senevirathne, R. de A.
2010Maternal sleep deprivation, sedentary lifestyle and cooking smoke: Risk factors for miscarriage: A case control studySamaraweera, Y.; Abeysena, C.
2007Mental health status among females aged 15 to 45 years in Medical Officer of Health area, KaytsThatparan, R.; Abeysena, C.
2015Micronutrient status and its relationship with nutritional status in preschool children in urban Sri LankaMarasinghe, E.; Chackrewarthy, S.; Abeysena, C.; Rajindrajith, S.
2019Neonatal sepsis for postpartum depressionJayasinghe, C.; Abeysena, C.
2018Pattern of physical activity among school children aged 14-15 years in the district of KalutaraGodakanda, I.; Abeysena, C.; Lokubalasooriya, A.
2017Physical activity and sleep on the risk of overweight among Grade 5 students in Gampaha Medical Office of Health area, Sri LankaPerera, U.; Abeysena, C.
2013Physical activity and weight gain during the period from first trimester of pregnancy to six months post partumPerera, M.G.S.N.S.; Abeysena, C.
2007Presenting symptoms/conditions and selected aspects of health care quality at the Outpatient Department (OPD) of the Wickramarachchi Ayurvedic Hospital, yakkalaWanigasekara, C.; Weerasinghe, P.; Weerasinghe, A.; Weerasooriya, S.; Wellagiriya, S.; Wickramarathne, S.; Wijerathne, B.; Abeysena, C.
2018Prevalence and associated factors of risky sexual behaviors among undergraduate students in state universities of Western Province in Sri Lanka: a descriptive cross sectional studyPerera, U.A.P.; Abeysena, C.
2019Prevalence and associated factors of visually impaired cataract of the better eye among adults aged 40 years and above in Mahara Medical Officer of Health Area, Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional study.Hapugoda, C.; Abeysena, C.
2015Prevalence and correlates of asthma among selected garment factory workers at the Free Trade Zone, EkalaJayawardana, P.; Abeysena, C.
2018Prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and illicit narcotic substances usage and associated factors among patients attending mental health clinics conducted by a group of hospitals in Sri LankaAbeysena, C.; Hapugoda, C.
2009Prevalence of asthma and comparison of ventilator capacity of asthmatics (when free of asthma) and non asthmatics among workers in selected garment factoriesAbeysena, C.; Jayawardana, P.; Wickramasinha, W.P.K.; Dassanayake, I.S.
2021Prevalence of being 'At Risk' of endometrial carcinoma among postmenopausal women in Sri LankaJayawickrama, W.I.U.; Abeysena, C.
2009Prevalence of disability in Ragama MOH areaAbeysena, C.; Wijeratne, L.; Jayawardana, P.
2014Prevalence of overweight and obesity in grade five students in schools of Gampaha medical officer of health areaPerera, U.; Abeysena, C.