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Let science and intuition work together

Show simple item record Degamboda, S. en_US 2014-11-19T04:50:53Z 2014-11-19T04:50:53Z 2003
dc.identifier.citation Degamboda, S. 2003. Let science and intuition work together. Journal of Science of the University of Kelaniya, 01: 119-124.
dc.identifier.issn ISSN 1391-9210 en_US
dc.description.abstract Docs modern science, which depends totally on inductive and deductive investigation methodologies give us absolute knowledge, or is there another mode of generating knowledge out side these two methodologies? This paper attempts to explain that modern science has inherited the mankind, during its existence of over three hundred years, a body of knowledge, which is not only uncertain and transient, but also is relative. The very nature of the way the universe presents itself to us and human limitations prevent scientists from generating a body of knowledge that is absolute, or at least reliable. This study reveals that in some instances new knowledge have emerged in ways not akin to scientific investigation methodology. This source of knowledge is popularly referred to as intuition, but not much work has been done to ascertain the process and realities of intuitive knowledge. A conceptual model of the brain enables us to visualize it as having right and left halves and that those who are stronger on the right can get intuitive sparks that may become seeds of new knowledge. The paper concludes that scientific explorations could be complemented by intuition,which emanates from the right brain and directed training could develop right brain skills . en_US
dc.publisher Journal of Science of the University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka en_US
dc.subject Inductive and deductive methodology; evolution of knowledge; intuition; linear and divergent thinking en_US
dc.title Let science and intuition work together
dc.type article en_US
dc.identifier.department Statistics en_US

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