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Evaluation of anti–oxidant properties of a traditional formulae (JB Kalka).

Show simple item record Shifra, A.S.F. Gunasekara, G.V.M.T.D. Kularathna, M.D.C.N. Cooray, P.L.J.U.D. Perera, H.M.P. Fernando, S.H.S. Sadungama, M.K.N.G. Thilakarathna, B.S.D. Kuruppuarachi, S.N. Kuruppuarachi, S.N. Saranya, U. Rishad, Y.M. Kaluthotage, S. Kularathne, D.A.B.H. Umayanagni, L.H.S. 2017-10-03T09:43:09Z 2017-10-03T09:43:09Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Shifra, A.S.F., Gunasekara, G.V.M.T.D., Kularathna, M.D.C.N., Cooray, P.L.J.U.D., Perera, H.M.P.,Fernando, S.H.S., Sadungama, M.K.N.G., Thilakarathna, B.S.D., Kuruppuarachi, S.N., Saranya, U., Rishad, Y.M., Kaluthotage, S., Kularathne, D.A.B.H. and Umayanagni, L.H.S. (2017). Evaluation of anti–oxidant properties of a traditional formulae (JB Kalka). Salakya Sandipani, Department of Shalya Shalakya, Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.p 107. en_US
dc.description.abstract Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade to other parts of the body. In Ayurveda, cancer is dened in the term Arbuda, which is categorized by big, deep seated, immovable, round, slightly painful and slowly increasing Arbuda which is caused by penetration of increased Doshas into the body tissues and blood. In 2012, about 14.1 million new cases of cancer were reported globally and it caused 8.2 million or 14.6% of deaths. Though there are several advanced treatment strategies available in the management of cancer in modern medical system, most of them cause lots of side effects. But JB Kalka is a traditional preperation which is being successfully practiced by Kottayawatta generation in the management of cancer without any side effects. This formula was selected to demonstrate literature review of its all ingredients and to evaluate its anti-oxidant properties and physicochemical parameters. The JB Kalka was prepared according to the guidelines indicated by the traditional practitioners. The literature review of all ingredients was compiled from Ayurvedic classical texts, electronic databases of Google scholar, PubMed and through web search. As per literature review, JB Kalka has properties of Katu- Thiktha- Kasaya Rasa, Laghu- Theekshana Guna, Ushna Veerya and Katu Vipaka which regulate Thridoshas by pacifying Kapha and Vata and increasing Pitta. This study shows an anti-oxidant properties of JB kalka according to DPPH method by colour change from purple into pale yellow. According to the quantitative test, methanolic extract of JB Kalka exhibited highest potential for DPPH radical scavenging activity as it had the least IC50 value of around 1.25 mg/ml. Therefore, JB Kalka is an effective medicinal preparation to be used in the tratment of cancer as an anti-cancer drug. But further studies with large sample should be carried out to scientically justify the effectiveness of JB Kalka in the management of cancer and to identify an immune modulatory, cyto toxic and anti-cancer properties of JB Kalka. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Department of Shalya Shalakya,Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute,University of Kelaniya,Sri Lanka en_US
dc.subject Arbuda en_US
dc.subject JB Kalka en_US
dc.subject DPPH method en_US
dc.title Evaluation of anti–oxidant properties of a traditional formulae (JB Kalka). en_US
dc.type Book en_US

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