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Recent Research Views of Sanskrit Literature

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dc.identifier.citation Kumari, D.S. 2016. Recent Research Views of Sanskrit Literature. International Conference on Sanskrit Studies (ICSS), 04th November 2016, Department of Sanskrit, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya. p 30. en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 978-955-704-006-6
dc.description.abstract Sanskrit Literature has the glorious history of about more than 4000 years. The ancient literature, Vedas are available now with more critical commentaries and translations. This applies to the other arena of Sanskrit Literature also. From time to time these have been revised and studied in various measures which have resulted in getting a seemingly new version of these works.Various studies are conducting on Rgveda in the regional languages also which reach more readers. One among them is RgvedaPraveshike in Kannada by a scholar Dr. Ramakrishna. In this work the author gives the seemingly new version about the sūktas rejecting the traditional meaning. He narrates the facts which could be proved historically accurate. The book is without any bias regarding the proven Indian concept about Vedic literature and proved Indian culture. Culture of Encounter is another work by Audrey Truschke, as written, gives us insight into how and why the Moghalsone of the most powerful imperial powers- poured immense energy into Sanskrit thinkers to their court, adopted and adapted Sanskrit – based practices, translated dozens of Sanskrit texts into Persian and composed Persian accounts of Indian philosophy…The first book to read these Sanskrit and Persian works in tandem,Culture of Encounter recasts the Moghal Empire as a multilingual state that collaborated with its Indian subjects to establish its role as an Indian empire. Revisiting a forgotten part of Indian history, Audrey Truschke certifies the critical role of the sociology of the empire in building the Moghal polity, which came to shape the literary and ruling cultures of early modern India forever. Great works of Kalidasa etc. can also be the source of new research as Raghuvamsha can be studied in ample ways as regarding tourism, culture of different parts of India. Abhignanashakuntalam as the conflicts between an ordinary girl with a monarch. Mahabharata of Vyasa has ample options of study.Translations of great works from regional languages to Sanskrit also enhance the research insight of the connoisseurs. A translation of Kannada novel Parva, of S L Bhairappa into Sanskrit by same name gives a new dimension to the Mahabharata.Thus the various branches of Sanskrit literature are the sources for the re-evaluation of the pre-fixed conclusions so that the literature will be ever. The interdisciplinary studies contribute a lot for the development of Sanskrit also. en_US
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dc.publisher Department of Sanskrit, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya en_US
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dc.subject Audrey Trusch en_US
dc.title Recent Research Views of Sanskrit Literature en_US
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