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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Determinants of Capital Structure Evidence from Sri LankaKariyawasam, A.H.N.
2017Female Divinities – Mortal, Heroic & Mythical in Jaina Religion: Reference to Ancient Jaina Scriptures, Sculptures and PaintingsYegnaswamy, J.
2016Effectiveness of the Use of Dialects in Literary Translation (With Special Reference to the Sinhalese Translation of Earnest Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea")Shavoni, D.P.N.; de Alwis, K.K.L.
2016Use of Official Languages among Public Officers: A Case Study of Dehiwala Divisional Secretariat in Sri LankaPerera, M.A.D.D.
2016Reading Disabilities (Dyslexia) and Difficulties as a Learning Problem: A Psycholinguistic StudyWijesekara, J.S.
2011Factors affecting healthcare consultation in children with chronic constipation: a school based surveyRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.
2016"ප්‍රබුද්ධ" දුටු වින්දනය සොයා යන සමාජීය මිනිසාSenevirathne, J.M.C.K.
2015Use of the electrodeposition technique for growing n-type CdS and p-type CdTe semiconductor thin films for fabrication of solar cells with improved performancesKumarasinghe, K.D.M.S.P.K.
1979Studies on the fish ponds at Pitipana, Negombo 1. Seasonal and diurnal variation of some hydrobiological factorsde Silva, S.S.; Silva, E.I.L.
2013Sri Lankan fetal birthweight charts:validation of global reference for fetal weight and birthweight percentilesShanmugaraja, Y.; Kumarasiri, S. G.; Wahalawatte, S. L.; Wanigasekara, R. V.; Begam, P.; Jayasinghe, P. K.; Padeniya, T.; Dias, T.