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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Shedding of gill epithelia by grey mullets (Family Mugilidae) in Negombo Estuary, Sri LankaGammanpila, M.; Wijeyaratne, M.J.S.; Amarasinghe, U.S.
2006Studies on the fishery of flying fish off North-western coast of Sri Lanka. I. Effect of lunar pattern on the fisheryde Croos, M.D.S.T.; Amarasinghe, U.S.
2016Capturing local knowledge of beach seine fishers in the north-western province of Sri LankaGunawardane, N.D.P.; Amarasinghe, U.S.
2014Use of geographical information system and remote sensing techniques for planning culture‐based fisheries in non‐perennial reservoirs of Sri LankaWijenayake, W.M.; Gunaratne, A.B.; de Silva, S.S.; Amarasinghe, U.S.
1989Spatial Changes in Growth and Mortality and Effects on the Fishery of Oreochromis mossambicus (Pisces, Cichlidae) in a Man-made Lake in Sri LankaAmarasinghe, U.S.; de Silva, S.S.; Moreau, J.
2009Present Status and Future Strategies for the Management of Reservoir Fisheries in Sri LankaAmarasinghe, U.S.; Weerakoon, D.E.M.
2014Food and feeding of Ehirava fluviatilis (Osteichthyes, Clupeidae) in Rajanganaya Reservoir, Sri LankaMihindukulasuroiya, I.D.; Amarasinghe, U.S.
1998An appeal to redefine stunning in Oreochromis mossambicus (Cichlidae)Amarasinghe, U.S.; de Silva, S.S.
2003Seasonality in Dietary Shifts in Size-Structured Freshwater Fish Assemblages in Three Reservoirs of Sri LankaWeliange, W.S.; Amarasinghe, U.S.
2011Morphological differentiation of two cichlid species in Sri Lanka using truss networksFernando, G.K.A.W.; Amarasinghe, U.S.