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Title: Impact of corticosteroid therapy on lifestyles in asthmatic children from Sri lanka
Authors: Karunasekera, K.A.W.
Fernando, A.D.
Jayasinghe, C.Y.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Indian Pediatrics
Citation: Indian Pediatrics. 2010; 47(5): pp.433-5
Abstract: This study was conducted to ascertain the impact of inhaled corticosteroids therapy (ICS) in alleviation of lifestyle restrictions in 200 asthmatic children. 90 children on ICS were reviewed at 3 months. Restrictions on bathing, food, play activities and school attendance were found in <70%. These were not related to asthma severity. Following ICS, reduction in symptoms, hospital admissions, outpatient visits and nebulizations were noted between 67% -73%. Restrictions on bathing, food, play activities and school attendance had been waived off in 23% -55%. We conclude that ICS significantly alleviated symptoms and lifestyle restrictions. However, the reduction on lifestyle restrictions was less than symptom control.
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ISSN: 0019-6061 (Print)
0974-7559 (Electronic)
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