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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Impact of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Marketing on Customer Purchase Intentions: A Case Study of the Food and Beverage Industry with Specific Reference to Elephant House- Ceylon Cold Stores PLC, Colombo DistrictFernando, A.M.S.; Janathanan, C.
2018Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customer Purchase Intentions: A Survey on the Tourism Industry with Specific Reference to the Top 5 Hotel Groups within the Colombo DistrictDe Livera, D.C,; Janathanan, C.
2018Mediating the Effect of Working Capital on the Relationship between Entrepreneurship Education and Small Business Management in Gombe StateJibir, A.; Ahmed, I.; Bakari, M.A.; Abdullahi, S.
2018Impact of Service Quality Factors on Customer Satisfaction: With Special Reference to Public Banking Sector in Kandy CitySumanadasa, G.S.P.; Premkumar, P.P.
2018Methodological Issues in Forecasting Corporate Failure: A Systematic Literature ReviewSamaraweera, A.S.A.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2018Banking Sector Customer Centric Service Culture and Corporate Customer Bank BehaviorSandagiri, S.P.N.N.; Thilakarathna, P.M.C.
2018Determinants of Tourists’ Destination Loyalty; (With Special Reference to the Sacred Areas at Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka).Udurawana, Y.M.W.G.P.K.
2018Factors Affecting Technological Issues in Diary Industry, with Special Reference to the Large-Scale Firms in Sri LankaWeerasekara, S.; Abeysekera, R.
2018Success Entrepreneurs’ are Externally Locus of Control: Examination of the Venture PerformanceKumarapeli, K.; Semasignhe, D.
2018The Moderating Effect of Ethnicity on Relationship between Role Demands and Work-Life Balance among Women Lecturers in Sri LankaWelmilla, I.