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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Shakespearean Politics in the Sri Lankan Context: Julius Caesar and Macbeth in 2015 Presidential ElectionNiroshi, S.M.; Mohanraj, N.D.; Ranaweera, A.S.; Wickramage, U.; Wijesekera, H.; Nirashani. M.P.G.
2016Comparison of Words and Expressions used in a Victorian Novel and a Fantasy NovelRanasinghe, S.
2016The significance of the English language errors made by tourist guides in Sri LankaJayavindi, A.M.S.; Jayasinghe, D.N.P.; Dissanayake, D.M.R.N.; Shavoni, D.P.N.; Jayathilaka, G.R.A.P.; Fernando, W.D.M.
2016Use of prepositions among University students learning English as a Second languageMadhushani, H.N.G.; Athapaththu, A.M.H.K.; Athapaththu, S.P.; Navarathne, A.S.; Kumari, H.R.U.E.
2016Difficulties faced by Undergraduates of Local Universities in reading for their degrees in English mediumSathanandan, R.; Situbandara, S.N.B.A.; Gunasinghe, D.P.D.D.; Gunasekara, M.S.T.; Navarathne, D.M.A.S.; Gunawardena, S.
2016Romanticisation of the Cultural Past in British Period FilmsDharmawimala, T.
2016Pronunciation errors in English among Sri Lankan school childrenHewawasam, I.A.; Amaratunga, J.G.I.D.; Udakumbura, U.D.L.; Pramodya, K.G.H.; Vithanage, V.G.P.M.
2016Usage, Attitudes and Issues of Cursive Handwriting faced by Learners using English as a Second Language in University of Kelaniya, Sri LankaJayasinghe, H.S.; Keerthiwansha, N.W.B.S.; de Alwis, V.N.N.U.; Egodage, W.A.
2016Oppa prefers Gangnam style: linguistics borrowings in K-pop fansubs and their Foreignizing effectHettiarachchi, A.
2016The Attitudes of Sri Lankan Urban and Rural Advanced Level Students Towards Spoken EnglishBandara, U.; Ekanayake, R.; de Alwis, L.; Dias, M.; Marikkar, M.R.F.R.