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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effects of the Cosmological Constant on Energy and Angular Momentum of a Particle Moving in a Circle with Respect to the Schwarzschild - de Sitter Metric in Comparison with the Schwarzschild MetricJayakody, J.A.N.K.; de Silva, L.N.K.; Hewageegana, P.S.
2007Cosmological Models with Both Acceleration and DecelerationKatugampala, K.D.W.J.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2007The Sehwarzschild Space-Time in the Background of the Flat Robertson-Walker Space-TimeSenevirathne, K.W.P.B.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2007The Effects Introduced by the Gravitational Redshift into the Redshift-Apparent Magnitude Relationship in CosmologyJayakody, J.A.N.K.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2007The Resultant Red-Shift of a Source in the Case of the Merger of the Schwarzschild Space-Time with the Flat Robertson-Walker Space-TimeSenevirathne, K.W.P.B.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2009A model to explain interference patterns using probability density distributionHarshani, P.G.T.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2009Path of a light ray near a body with cosmological constantJayakody, J.A.N.K.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2009Some cosmological models with inflation, acceleration and decelerationKatugampala, K.D.W.J.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2009Matrix representation of mixed numbers and quaternionsHansameenu, W.P.T.; de Silva, T.P.; de Silva, L.N.K.
2010Derivation of Equations that satisfy Dirac’s Equation and invariance of transformations similar to Guage Transformations under mixed numbersHansameenu, W.P.T.; de Silva, L.N.K.; de Silva, T.P.