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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Density of Aedes aegypti and Aedes Albopictus in some dengue endemic areasHapugoda, G.P.G.M.D.; de Silva, N.R.; Abeyewickreme, W.; Rajamanthri, R.
2015Emerging Spatio-Temporal Trends in Dengue Incidence in Poojapitiya Medical Officer of Health (MOH), Central province, Sri LankaUdayanga, N.W.B.A.L.; Gunathilaka, P.A.D.H.N.; Iqbal, M.C.M.; Kusumawathie, P.H.D.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2015IGamma- ray irradiation as a method for sterilization of males of Aedes albopictus (skuse) for its control through Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)Harishchandra, J.; Abeyewickreme, W.; Hapugoda, M.D.; Premaratne, R.G.; Gilles, J.R.L.
2016Characterization of a Dengue Positive Population in Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Medical Officer of Health (MOH), ColomboLakmal, M.G.K.; Udayanga, N.W.B.A.L.; Gunathilaka, P.A.D.H.N.; Fernando, S.D.; Karunathilaka, K.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2016Eliminating female Aedes mosquitoes by spiking blood meals with toxicants as a sex separation method in the context of the sterile insect technique and Incompatible Insect TechniqueRanathunga, R.M.T.B.; Gunathilaka, P.A.D.H.N.; Udayanga, N.W.B.A.L.; Wijegunawardena, N.D.A.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2016Prevalence of NS-1 Status of Clinically Suspected Dengue Patients in a Selected Out-Patient SettingKodikara, K.; Jayathilake, S.; Kumarasinghe, B.; Muhandiramlage, T.; Gunesakera, D.; Fujii, Y.
2015Assessment of possible social and entomological risk factors affecting transmission of dengue in the District of GampahaWithanage, G.P.W.K.; Abeyewickreme, W.; Hapugoda, M.D.
2010Aedes albopictus the “underrated” Asian TigerJayasooriya, D.H.S.W.; Gunawardene, Y.I.N.S.; Manamperi, A.; de Silva, H.J.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2019Assessment of Possible Risk Factors Affecting Transmission of Dengue in the District of Gampaha Based on Reported Dengue CasesPerera, E.H.L.; Viswakula, S.; Gunawardene, Y.I.N.S.; Subasinghe, U.; Hapugoda, M.D.
2003Role of Aedes albopictus in transmitting dengue virus in some endemic areas in Kurunegala DistrictHapugoda, M.D.; de Silva, N.R.; Abesundara, S.; Bandara, K.B.A.T.; Dayanath, M.Y.D.; Abeyewickreme, W.