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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Service Technologies Creates a Tangible Link for Value Generation: Service Economy in Sri LankaEkanayake, S.; Abeysinghe, D.
2007Investigation of anisotropy constants dependence of ultra-thin ferromagnetic films with second order perturbed Heisenberg HamiltonianSamarasekara, P.
2007Studies on antioxidant activity of Indian gooseberry fruit and seedNadheesha, M.K.F.; Bamunuarachchi, A.; Edirisinghe, E.M.R.K.B.M.; Weerasinghe, W.M.S.K.
2003Success factors in Information Technology applications in small and medium scale industries - the Sri Lankan experienceMunasinghe, L.; Jayawardena, D.P.W.
2003An evaluation of the performance of undergraduate students at the university examinations in relation to selcetion criteria - a case study in statistics at the University of KelaniyaHewapathirana, T.K.
2003Arginine Decarboxylase from the pathogenic fungi, Colleotrichum gleosporosides : Purification and PropertiesWeerasooriya, M.K.B.; Handagiripathira, H.M.N.L.; Wijewickrama, G.T.
2008Physical Interpretation of Anomalous Absorption of Partial Waves by Nuclear Optical Potential,Piyadasa, R.A.D.; Munasinghe, J.; Karunatileke, N.G.J.
2005Examination Performance of Undergraduates in Relation to Attendance at LecturesHewapathirana, T.K.
2005Comparison between ultrasonic acoustic emission (UAE) and hydraulically measured loss of hydroulic conductance in Eucalyptus spp. clone GU210Manoharan, P.; Pammenter, N.W.
2003The role of Information Technology trends in planning an Information Technology led development strategy for Sri LankaMunasinghe, L.; Jayawardena, D.P.W.