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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Mechanisms underlying early rapid increases in creatinine in paraquat poisoningMohamed, F.; Endre, Z.; Jayamanne, S.; Pianta, T.; Peake, P.; Palangasinghe, .C.; Chathuranga, U.; Jayasekera, K.; Wunnapuk, K.; Shihana, F.; Shahmy, S.; Buckley, N.
2018Screening of cushings syndrome in patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes with hypertension and obesityKaruppiah, D.; Cooray, M.S.A.; Somasundaram, N.; Ediriweera, D.S.
2016Contribution of the private sector healthcare service providers to malaria diagnosis in a prevention of re-introduction settingFernando, S.D.; Dharmawardena, P.; Epasinghe, G.; Senanayake, N.; Rodrigo, C.; Premaratna, R.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2017Pre-treatment alphafeto protein in hepatocellular carcinoma with non-viral aetiology - a prospective studySiriwardana, R.C.; Thilakarathne, S.; Niriella, M.A.; Dassanayake, A.S.; Gunathilake, M.B.; Habarakada, L.C.A.; de Silva, H.J.
2015Clinical characteristics and outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma in alcohol related and cryptogenic cirrhosis:a prospective studySiriwardana, R.C.; Niriella, M.A.; Dassanayake, A.S.; Liyanage, C.; Gunathilake, B.; Jayathunge, S.; de Silva, H.J.
2016Mechanism-specific injury biomarkers predict nephrotoxicity early following glyphosate surfactant herbicide (GPSH) poisoningMohamed, F.; Endre, Z.H.; Pickering, J.W.; Jayamanne, S.; Palangasinghe, C.; Shahmy, S.; Chathuranga, U.; Wijerathne, T.; Shihana, F.; Gawarammana, I.; Buckley, N.A.
2016High lethality and minimal variation after acute self-poisoning with carbamate insecticides in Sri Lanka - implications for global suicide preventionLamb, T.; Selvarajah, L.R.; Mohamed, F.; Jayamanne, S.; Gawarammana, I.; Mostafa, A.; Buckley, N.A.; Roberts, M.S.; Eddleston, M.
2016Association between road accidents and low-grade hepatic encephalopathy among Sri Lankan drivers with cirrhosis: a prospective case control studySubasinghe, S.K.C.E.; Nandimuni, Y.; Ranasinghe, S.; Niriella, M.A.; Miththinda, J.K.N.D.; Dassanayake, A.; de Silva, A.P.; de Silva, H.J.
2020Association of Hantavirus infections and Leptospirosis with the occurrence of Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain etiology in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka: A Prospective study with patients and healthy personsSunil-Chandra, N.P.; Jayaweera, J.A.A.S.; Kumbukgolla, W.; Jayasundara, M.V.M.L.
2018Splenic Syndrome in a young man at high altitude with undetected Sickle Cell TraitFernando, C.H.K.A.; Mendis, S.; Upasena, A.P.; Costa, Y.J.; Williams, H.S.A.; Moratuwagama, D.