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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982M.H. Goonetilleke: Masks and Mask Systems of Sri LankaGombrich, R.
2011Ma-Lena, a marble cave in Sri LankaJayasingha, P.; Dandeniya, A.S.; Senanayake, S.; Champika, W.G.M.; Dewaka, R.; Welianga, W.S.
2017The MACC1-SPON2 axis: a new biomarker and therapeutic target in colorectal cancerChandrasinghe, P.; Stebbing, J.; Warusavitarne, J.
2017Machine learning based model for Android malware analysis and detection.Kavneth, G. A. S.; Jayalal, S.
2017Machine Learning Dashboard for Aviation Fuel Optimization.Samarasinghe, R.M.N.S.; Dias, N.G.J.
2014Macro-Economic and Internal Determinants of Share Prices in Sri Lanka A Case from Colombo Stock Exchange- Banking SectorChandrasena, S.M.; Fernando, C.S.P.K.; Ranaweera, R.M.C.S.
2009Macrobenthic Community Structure in Relation to Land Based Pollution - Case Study in a Tropical Estuary in the West Coast of Sri LankaWijeyaratne, M.J.S.; Dahanayaka, D.D.G.L.; Jayamanne, S.C.
2010Macroeconomic determinants of stock market return with special reference to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)Karunarathne, W.V.A.D.; Ranjani, R.P.C.; Kumari, P.W.N.A.
2008Macroeconomic environment and financial sector’s performance: economic evidence from the traditional approachesShahbaz, M.; Aamir, N.
2016Macroeconomic Trends in Sri Lanka (from 2003 to 2013)Nimeshika, G.A.T.
2018Macronutrients Management of CKD Patients and Effect on Biochemical Parameters and the Clinical OutcomeHettigedara, S.N.M.S.
2006Macrozoobenthic community structure in the channel segment, Negombo estuary, Western coast of Sri LankaDahanayaka, D.D.G.L.; Jayamanne, S.C.
2014Madawala Viharaya revisitedde Zoysa, A.
2008Magadhi as a root languageGnanarathana Thero, Nabiriththankadawara
2015Magic realism in the imagery of the author of ButhsaranaKarunarathne, G.A.M.
2018Magical Practices and its Modern Trends in Sri Lankan Urban LifeRajapaksha, I.; Dr. Dissanayake, U.
2002Magnetic resonance cholangio-pancreatography(MRCP)Silva, M.A.; Munasinghe, S.H.; Munasinghe, D.; Deen, K.I.
1985Magnetic transitions in dysprosium: A specific-heat studyJayasuriya, K.D.; Campbell, S.J.; Stewart, A.M.
2015The Maha Satipatthana Sutta: Practical Guide to Buddhist MeditationNimbalkar, N.
2017Mahayana Buddhist Culture of Korean Peninsula.Diddeniya, C.V.