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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Downfall of Sri Lankan Cricket: Local Fans’ PerspectiveArjun De Silva; Weerasinghe, T.D.; Maldeniya, D.
2006Downward Transitional Areas of Rapidly Changing Regions: The Development of Backwardness in the Rural Peripheries of the Gampaha District a case studySakalasooriya, N.
1990Drama and the origin of Greek Literary criticismJayasekera, K.
2015Drama Translation: the problems and SolutionsJayasinghe, D.G.T.A.
2015The Dramatics of Trojan Women on Sri Lankan StageJayasekera, K.
2015Drinking well water and occupational exposure to Herbicides is associated with chronic kidney disease, in Padavi-Sripura, Sri LankaJayasumana, C.; Paranagama, P.A.; Agampodi, S.; Wijewardane, C.; Gunatilake, S.; Siribaddana, S
2016Driver Assist Traffic Signs Detection and Recognition SystemManisha, U.K.D.N.; Liyanage, S.R.
1998Driving and epilepsy in Sri LankaSeneviratne, S.L.; Gunatilake, S.B.; Adhikari, A.A.D.N.W.; de Silva, H.J.
2017The drug compliance among patients with diabetes in Sri Lankan settingGunathilake, G.; Kottahachchi, D.; Siyambalapitiya, S.
1985Drug induced alterations in some rat hepatic microsomal components:a comparative study of four structurally different antimalarialsThabrew, M.I.; Nashiru, T.O.; Emerole, G.O.
2016Drug related problems among patients with diabetes; a descriptive analysis of data from an urban hospital in Sri LankaMamunuwa, N.; Jayamanne, S.; Coombes, J.; de Silva, A.; Lynch, C.; Wickramasinghe, D.
2015Drum “Parai” instrument in Sri Lankan Tamil traditionVimalshankar, S.
1989Drums and Drum Play of Sri LankaGoonatilleka, M.H.
2015Drying haracteristics of textile dyeing sludge and use as a fuelJayakody, C.; Wijerathne, M.
2016DSPACE computer software utilization in Sri LankaSenanayake, S.M.T.N.
2008Dual Composite Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Rechargeable BatteriesSumathipala, H.H.; Panero, S.; Scrosati, B.
2007Dual-composite polymer electrolytes with enhanced transport propertiesPanero S; Scrosati B; Sumathipala H H
2016Dubbing: Responses of the Sri Lankan Audience to Dubbing Foreign Movies! TV Series! Cartoons into SinhaleseKeerthiwansha, N.W.B.S.; Alwis, N.
2012Duodenal diverticuli: do they predispose for Common Bile Duct (CBD) pathology?Liyanage, C.; Keragala, T.; Femandopulle, N.; Nawaratne, N. M. M.
2016Duodenal xanthelasmataPiyarathna, T.A.C.L.; Niriella, M.A.; de Silva, A.P.; de Silva, H.J.