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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Quality of Work Life on Employees Job Involvement and Affective CommitmentVictor, L.D.
2004Quantification of arsenic and phosphorus in calcium carbide treated mangoesHaturusinghe, L.S.; de Silva, D.S.M.; Wimalasena, S.
2015Quantification of mucosal eosinophils in histologically normal ileal, colonic and rectal biopsiesLiyanage, S.K.
2016Quantitative Analysis of Global Literature on the Game of Basketball in Sport SciencesGopinath, M.; Viswanathan, J.; Nageswaran, A.S.
2006Quantitative assessment of essential elements in acute and chronic wound tissuesRodrigo, I.; Liyanage, J.A.; Wijeratne, M.
1998A quantitative study of pigmy forest vegetation at 2000 m in Hakgala Strict Natural ReserveRathnayake, R.M.W.; Solangarachchi, S.M.
2014A quantum dot in topological insulator nanofilmHerath, T.M.; Hewageegana, P.; Apalkov, V.
2008Quantum dot photodetectors with metallic diffraction grating: Surface plasmons and strong absorption enhancementHewageegana, P.; Apalkov, V.
2009Quantum Physics in the Sinhala Buddhist Culturede Silva, N.
2016Quarry is an Inventory or PPE?Chanaka, H.A.D.; Thilakarathne, P.M.C.
1993Quartet -- The Other TagoreGoonetilleke, D.C.R.A.
2016Quest for sustainability of Bilingual Education Programme in Sri Lanka: Lesson from MalaysiaNanayakkara, P.
2016Quest to identify geochemical risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) in an endemic region of Sri Lanka-a multimedia laboratory analysis of biological, food, and environmental samplesLevine, K.E.; Redmon, J.H.; Elledge, M.F.; Wanigasuriya, K.P.; Smith, K.; Munoz, B.; Waduge, V.A.; Periris-John, R.J.; Sathiakumar, N.; Harrington, J.M.; Womack, D.S.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2016Question paper analysis with Natural Language ProcessingJayakody, J.R.K.C.; Perera, P.L.M.
2015Questioning Questions and Wh-indefinites in SinhalaWeerasooriya, W.A.T.
2008Queue and efficiency in Multi-Purpose Co-operative society in Sri LankaGunarathna, M.
1983R.A.L.H. Gunawardana, Robe and plough – Monasticism and Economic Interest in Early Medieval Sri LankaLiyanagamage, A.
2007Rabies vaccination of domesticated dogs in the central province of Sri LankaPerera, I.N.G.; Pinidiyapathirage, M.J.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2008Rabindranath Tagore and Buddhism: an analysisMitra, K.
2009Rabindranath Tagore and Buddhism: an analysisMitra, K.