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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An Analysis of Switching Behavior of Pre-paid Mobile Users in Sri LankaDissanayake, D.M.R.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2008An Analysis of the Usage of Telephone Directories and its Importance on Customer Life Style: A case study of Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd (SLT) Directory usageDissanayake, D.M.R.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2011Antecedents of Customer Base Brand Equity: Empirical Evidence from Beer Industry in Sri LankaWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Chovancova, M.
2009The Attitudes of Customers towards Green InvestmentsWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Herath, H.M.R.P.
2008Brand personalities of telecommunication service providers in Sri Lanka: an empirical studyWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Gunawardana, H.M.R.S.S.
2008Celebrities in advertisements and its impact on consumer buying behavior in the context of Sri LankaWeerasiri, R.A.S.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2006Celebrity advertising and consumer behaviorWeerasiri, R.A.S.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2007A comparative study of service quality and customer service in public sector and private sector commercial banksWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Dissanayake, D.M.R.
2007Consumer Evaluation of Brand Extension -with Special Case Reference to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector in Sri LankaWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Dissanayake, D.M.R.
2016Effect of Advertising Appeals on Impulsive Buying Behavior (With Special Reference to Anchor Newdale in Modern Trade Context)Ekanayake, I.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2016Employer Branding and its Impact on Developing Sales Force Commitment in Pharmaceutical Industry in Sri LankaJayawardene, M.U.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2007Evaluation of Herbal Brand Values: An Empirical StudyWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Gunawardana, H.M.R.S.S.
2007An Evaluation of Potential Market Segment for Green Investments (An Empirical Study)Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Herath, H.M.R.P.
2012Exploring the Impact of Consumer Impulsiveness on Cognitive Dissonance: An Empirical StudyWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Chovancova, M.
2012Exploring the Impact of CRM Strategies on Customer Loyalty: With Special Reference to State-owned Commercial Banks in Sri LankaWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Chovancova, M.
2006Future prospects of value added tea sector of Sri Lanka: comparative study,Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Dissanayake, D.M.R.
2009Gender of the Consumer and Service QualityHerath, H.M.R.P.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2011Impact of Advertising Appeals on Brand Loyalty: Special reference to the Commercial banking Industry in Sri LankaWanninayake, W.M.C.B.; Chovancova, M.
2017The Impact of Advertising Appeals on Purchase Intention: With Special Reference to TV Advertising Appeals of Mobile Internet PackagesPerera, W.A.C.T.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2016The Impact of After Sales Service Quality on Customer Brand Loyalty: With Special Reference to Construction Machinery Industry in Sri LankaPushpakumara, J.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.