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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The Academic Library Support for E-Learning: Students’ Perspectives and Web ObservationPerera, W.P.G.L; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2019Acceptance and Usage of Moodle Learning Management System among Academics in the University of KelaniyaWickramasinghe, D.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2008Agricultural information and the farming community in Sri Lanka: with special reference to Gampaha and Kegalle DistrictsSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Rajapaksha, M.
2016A Contextual Framework to Guide the Introduction and Use of e-learningSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Liew, C.L.; Cranefield, J.
2016Design and development of a desired Graduate Profile (GP) for the BA (Honors) Degree program in Library and Information Science (BLISC) conducted by the Department of Library and Information Science (DELIS), University of Kelaniya, Sri LankaWeerasooriya, W.A.; Weerasinghe, M.K.; Wanigasooriya, A.W.A.P.L.P.; Piyarathana Thero, Lagumdeniye; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Chamara, K.A.T.
2011E-Learning in Information Management education in Sri Lanka: An examination of needs and issuesSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2011E-Learning in Information Management Education in Sri Lanka: Discussion of a research modelSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Liew, C.L.; Cranefield, J.
2006The establishment of National Sports Information Center in Sri Lanka: A feasibility studySuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2009Impact of digital divide on academic performance in Sri Lankan universitiesSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2009The impact of new information technology on public libraries in the n on - metropolitan area (Kurunegala district) in Sri LankaSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2019The Impact of User Demography on Contextual Issues of E-learning: With Reference to Banking Sector EmployeesRathnasekara, K.I.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Yatigammana, M.R.K.N.
2017Information Needs of the Rural Farmers in Kurunegala District in Sri Lanka.Kumara, A.G.R.P.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2017Introduction of a Four Stage Process of Developing Interactive Multimedia Based E-learning Materials.Jayantha, R.H.U.; De Pasqual, M.K.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Yatigammana, M.R.K.N.; Pathiranage, D.M.; Pallewatta, A.; Wijayarathne, P.G.
2016Introduction of Assignment Assessment System for Higher Education in Sri LankaSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Weersooriya, W.A.; Weerasinghe, M.K.
2017Role of E-learning in Providing Lifelong Learning.Yatigammana, M. R. K. N.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.; Pathirage, D. P.; Jayantha, R. H. U.; De Pasqual, M. K.; Priyankara, C.; Wijayarathne, P. G.
2009Role of the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Kelaniya in LIS Educational sector in Sri LankaRanasinghe, P.; Weerasooriya, W.A.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2007Sports Information Needs in Sri LankaSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2008A study on the use of internet by Indian academics for their research activitiesSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2008Undergraduate perceptions of information use: the basis for creating user centered student information literacy instructionSuraweera, S.A.D.H.N.
2019User Perception of E-Resources Provided by the Kelaniya University Library: a Case StudyPerera, W.P.G.L.; Suraweera, S.A.D.H.N.