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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Archaeological Heritage in Biyagama DivisionGunawardhana, P.; Namalgamuwa, H.; Bandara, N.; Wijesuriya, D.; Saldin, M.; Mahoney, T.
2012Areas of Attraction and Areas of Isolation: A Case Study of the Havanevela Cist BurialSaldin, M.
2008Begging or cooking: a study on the monastic life of the Anuradhapura hinterlandAdikari, G.; Gunawardhana, P.; Coningham, R.; Saldin, M.; Namalgamuwa, H.
2007Burials within the Dutch reformed churches of Sri LankaSaldin, M.
2007Church Burials of Dutch Sri LankaSaldin, M.
2008Dating the jungle tide: scientifically dating the abandonment of AnuradhapuraStrickland, K.; Simpson, I.; Adikari, G.; Saldin, M.; Namalgamuwa, H.
2008Defence strategies of the Malays of Sri Lanka: the use of the legendary KerisSaldin, M.
2013Developing Archaeological tourism in prehistoric cave sites of Sri Lanka: potentials and pitfallsSaldin, M.
2007Do Terracotta Figurines Suggest a Burial Pattern?Gunawardhana, P.; Coningharn, R.; Adikari, G.; Katugampola, M.; Namalgamuwa, H.; Saldin, M.; Simpson, I.; Batt, C.
2007Havanvela: a Megalithic Cist Burial Site from the Matale DistrictSaldin, M.; Adikari, G.; Gunawardhana, P.
2008Megalithic burials and the Anuradhapura factorSaldin, M.; Gunawardhana, P.; Coningham, R.
2008Miniature art: female dominance of the terracotta figurinesGunawardhana, P.; Coningham, R.; Adikari, G.; Strickland, K.; Katugampola, M.; Namalgamuwa, H.; Saldin, M.; Simpson, I.; Batt, C.
2008සංස්කෘතිය, දේශපාලනය හා ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අනාගතයGunawardhana, P.; Bandara, N.; Namalgamuwa, H.; Saldin, M.