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2018Case report: Opportunities for Medication Review and Reconciliation by a Clinical Pharmacist to Prevent Drug-Related Hospital Re-Admissions: Evidence from a Case Series in Sri LankaShanika, L.G.T.; Wijekoon, C.N.; Jayamanne, S.; Coombes, J.; Perera, D.; Pathiraja, V.M.; Mamunuwa, N.; Mohamed, F.; Coombes, I.; Lynch, C.; de Silva, H.A.; Dawson, A.H.
2018Changes in lung volumes and respiratory muscle strength in different phases of the rowing stroke in Sri Lankan rowers: a preliminary studyPerera, D.; Ariyasinghe, A. S.; Kariyawasam, A.
2021A Comparative analysis of the outcome of malaria case surveillance strategies in Sri Lanka in the prevention of re-establishment phaseGunasekera, W.M.K.T.A.W.; Premaratne, R.; Fernando, D.; Munaz, M.; Piyasena, M.G.Y.; Perera, D.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Ranaweera, K.D.N.P.; Mendis, K.
2019Comparison of different RNA extraction protocols: An optimized RNA extraction protocol for tea leaves [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze]Keerthika, V.; Ranatunga, M. A. B.; Perera, D.; Herath, H.
2003Cost accounting in a surgical unit in a teaching hospital--a pilot studyMalalasekera, A.P.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Fernando, R.; Perera, D.; Deen, K.I.
2007Dengue vector surveillance in a dengue hot-spot in Sri LankaSumanadasa, S.D.M.; Hapugoda, M.D.; Perera, D.; Bandara, S.; Mansoor, M.A.; Peris, I.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2020Development of low-cost automated robot arm; its limitations and the validity of results through modified potentiometric experimentsPerera, K. A. N. K.; Rodrigo, S.; Liyanage, I.; Umayanga, I.; Perera, B.; Nawarathne, D.; Perera, D.; Jiffry, N.; Sirimuthu, N.; Ekanayake, E. M. M. S.
2020General practice is ‘different’: qualitative study of acculturation experiences of East Staffordshire general practice specialty traineesPerera, D.; Mohanna, K.
2014Impact of a ward based clinical pharmacist intervention on improving the quality use of medicines in patients with chronic non communicable diseases in a tertiary hospitalShanika, L.G.T.; Jayamanne, S.; Wijekoon, N.; Coombes, J.; Coombes, I.; Perera, D.; Dawson, A.; de Silva, H.A.
2015Impact of a ward-based clinical pharmacist on improving medication knowledge and adherence in patients with chronic non-communicable diseasesShanika, L.G.T.; Wijekoon, N.; Jayamanne, S.; Coombes, J.; Coombes, I.; Perera, D.; Pathiraja, V.; Dawson, A.; de Silva, H.A.
2011The Knowledge and attitude of primary school teachers in Sri Lanka towards childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorderRodrigo, M.D.A.; Perera, D.; Eranga, V.P.; Williams, S.S.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2013Knowledge of location of organs in the body among patients attending a university family practice in Sri LankaRamanayake, J.; Perera, D.; de Silva, A.; Sumanasekera, D.; Jayasinghe, L.R.; Gunasekera, R.; Chandrasiri, P.
2015Road rage in Sri Lanka: prevalence and psychiatric distressRodrigo, A.; Perera, D.; Eranga, V.P.; Peris, M.U.P.K.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2008Surveillance for dengue vector mosquito in Kurunegala district, Sri LankaSumanadasa, S.D.M.; Hapugoda, M.D.; Peiris, I.; Perera, D.; Bandara, S.; Mansoor, M.A.C.M.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2018Ward-based clinical pharmacists and hospital readmission: a non-randomized controlled trial in Sri LankaShanika, L.G.T.; Jayamanne, S.; Wijekoon, C.N.; Coombes, J.; Perera, D.; Mohamed, F.; Coombes, I.; de Silva, H.A.; Dawson, A.H.
2015දීපාවලී උත්සවයේ සාමාජික, ආගමික සහ ආර්ථික වැදගත්කමPerera, D.; Dissanayake, C.M.; Samaraweera, M.P.