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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Antenatal uterine rupture in a pregnancy following microwave endometrial ablationHerath, R.P.; Singh, N.; Oligbo, N.
2017Antimicrobials in Gynaecological practicePatabendige, M.; Herath, R.P.; Wijesooriya, W.R.P.L.I.
2017Blood flow changes in pelvic vessels associated with the application of an abdominal compression belt in healthy postpartum womenDias, T.; Patabendige, M.; Herath, R.P.; Garvik, T.I.; Liland, F.; Arulkumaran, S.
2018A case of labial adhesions following primary genital herpes infectionCasather, D.M.; Herath, R.P.; Ranathunga, R.D.J.; Pannala, W.S.
2018A Case of labial adhesions following primary genital herpes infectionCasather, D.M.; Herath, R.P.; Ranathunga, R.D.J.; Pannala, W.S.
2018A case of pulmonary endometriosis treated by bronchial angiographic embolizationCasather, D.M.; Herath, R.P.; Sanjeewa, J.M.P.; Sandaruwan, N.K.T.S.; Ganewatte, E.
2020Childbirth Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) in the Sri Lankan setting: translation, cultural adaptation and validation into the Sinhala languagePatabendige, M.; Palihawadana, T.S.; Herath, R.P.; Wijesinghe, P.S.
2015Choriocarcinoma of the ovary: a case reportEkanayake, C.D.; Wijesinghe, P.S.; Herath, R.P.; Puliyadda, T.M.N.K.; Hewavisenthi, S.
2011Chronic nonpuerperal uterine inversion: laparotomy assisted vaginal hysterectomyHerath, R.P.; Hosni M.M.; Rashid, M.; Hassanaien, M.
2020Conservative management of Placenta Percreta: Three cases and a review of the literature regarding conservative management of Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS) Disorders.Patabendige, M.; Sanjeewa, J.M.P.; Amarasekara, A.M.A.K.G.; Herath, R.P.
2018Cost-effectiveness of three routes of hysterectomy: a multi-centre randomized controlled trialEkanayake, C.D.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Kularatna, S.; Herath, R.P.; Wijesinghe, P.S.
2014Diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas of cervical ectopic pregnancyHosni, M.M.; Herath, R.P.; Mumtaz, R.
2011How can we reduce negative laparoscopies for pelvic pain?Singh, N.; Rashid, M.; Herath, R.P.
2012Hyperemesis gravidarum and fetal gender: a retrospective studyRashid, M.; Rashid, M.H.; Malik, F.; Herath, R.P.
2020Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy and anthropometric parameters in the offspring at 10 Years: A community-based retrospective cohort study in Sri LankaHerath, H.P.; Herath, R.P.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2017Improvements of post caesarean section pain management following the introduction of a new pain management protocolPatabendige, M.; Herath, R.P.
2011Laparoscopic management of genital prolapseMahran, M.A.; Herath, R.P.; Sayed, A.T.; Oligbo, N.
2011Management of morbidly adherent placentaHerath, R.P.; Wijesinghe, P.S.
2014Methylene Blue induced bluish discoloration mimicking cyanosis, at diagnostic laparoscopyHerath, R.P.; Warnakulasuriya, T.; de Silva, A.; Wijesinghe, P.S.
2019Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and pregnancy complications among Sri Lankan women: A cross sectional analytical study.Herath, R.P.; Siriwardana, S.R.; Ekanayake, C.D.; Abeysekara, V.; Kodithuwakku, S.U.A.; Herath, H.P.