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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Acute human self-poisoning with imidacloprid compound: a neonicotinoid insecticideMohamed, F.; Gawarammana, I.; Robertson, T.A.; Roberts, M.S.; Palangasinghe, C.; Zawahir, S.; Jayamanne, S.; Kandasamy, J.; Eddleston, M.; Buckley, N.A.; Dawson, A.H.; Roberts, D.M.
2015Cost-effectiveness analyses of self-harm strategies aimed at reducing the mortality of pesticide self-poisonings in Sri Lanka: a study protocolMadsen, L. B.; Eddleston, M.; Hansen, K. S.; Pearson, M.; Agampodi, S.; Jayamanne, S.; Konradsen, F.
2017Effectiveness of household lockable pesticide storage to reduce pesticide self-poisoning in rural Asia: a community-based, cluster-randomised controlled trialPearson, M.; Metcalfe, C.; Jayamanne, S.; Gunnell, D.; Weerasinghe, M.; Pieris, R.; Priyadarshana, C.; Knipe, D.W.; Hawton, K.; Dawson, A.H.; Bandara, P.; de Silva, D.; Gawarammana, I.; Eddleston, M.; Konradsen, F.
2012Effects of provincial ban of two toxic organophosphorus insecticides on pesticide poisoning hospitaladmissionsEddleston, M.; Adhikari, S.; Egodage, S.; Ranganath, H.; Mohamed, F.; Manuweera, G.; Azher, S.; Jayamanne, S.; Juzczak, E.; Sheriff, M.R.; Dawson, A.H.; Buckley, N.A.
2020Emerging pesticides responsible for suicide in rural Sri Lanka following the 2008-2014 pesticide bans.Weerasinghe, M.; Pearson, M.; Konradsen, F.; Agampodi, S.; Sumith, J. A.; Jayamanne, S.; Senanayake, S. M. H. M. K.; Rajapaksha, S.; Eddleston, M.
2019Estimating the government health-care costs of treating pesticide poisoned and pesticide self-poisoned patients in Sri Lanka.Ahrensberg, H.; Madsen, L.B.; Pearson, M.; Weerasinghe, M.; Eddleston, M.; Jayamanne, S.; Hansen, K.S.; Ariyarathna, V.; Rajapaksha, S.; Konradsen, F.
2020Factors associated with purchasing pesticide from shops for intentional self-poisoning in Sri LankaWeerasinghe, M.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.; Pearson, M.; Jayamanne, S.; Knipe, D.; Hawton, K.; Gunnell, D.; Agampodi, S.
2022Gatekeeper training for vendors to reduce pesticide self-poisoning in rural South Asia: a study protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trialWeerasinghe, M.; Pearson, M.; Turner, N.; Metcalfe, C.; Gunnell, D.J.; Agampodi, S.; Hawton, K.; Agampodi, T.; Miller, M.; Jayamanne, S.; Parker, S.; Sumith, J.A.; Karunarathne, A.; Dissanayaka, K.; Rajapaksha, S.; Rodrigo, D.; Abeysinghe, D.; Piyasena, C.; Kanapathy, R.; Thedchanamoorthy, S.; Madsen, L.B.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.
2016High lethality and minimal variation after acute self-poisoning with carbamate insecticides in Sri Lanka - implications for global suicide preventionLamb, T.; Selvarajah, L.R.; Mohamed, F.; Jayamanne, S.; Gawarammana, I.; Mostafa, A.; Buckley, N.A.; Roberts, M.S.; Eddleston, M.
2008Improvement in survival after paraquat ingestion following introduction of a new formulation in Sri LankaWilks, M.F.; Fernando, R.; Ariyananda, P.L.; Eddleston, M.; Berry, D.J.; Tomenson, J.A.; Buckley, N.A.; Jayamanne, S.; Gunnell, D.; Dawson, A.
2008Multiple-dose activated charcoal in acute self-poisoning: a randomised controlled trialEddleston, M.; Juszczak, E.; Buckley, N.A.; Senarathna, L.; Mohamed, F.; Dissanayake, W.; Hittarage, A.; Azher, S.; Jeganathan, K.; Jayamanne, S.; Sheriff, M.R.; Warrell, D.A.; Ox-Col Poisoning Study collaborators
2018Potential interventions for preventing pesticide self-poisoning by restricting access through vendors in Sri LankaWeerasinghe, M.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.; Pearson, M.; Jayamanne, S.; Gunnell, D.; Hawton, K.; Agampodi, S.
2009Pralidoxime in acute organophosphorus insecticide poisoning--a randomised controlled trialEddleston, M.; Eyer, P.; Worek, F.; Juszczak, E.; Alder, N.; Mohamed, F.; Senarathna, L.; Hittarage, A.; Azher, S.; Jeganathan, K.; Jayamanne, S.; von Meyer, L.; Dawson, A.H.; Sheriff, M.H.; Buckley, N.A.
2011The Prevalence of previous self-harm amongst self-poisoning patients in Sri LankaMohamed, F.; Perera, A.; Wijayaweera, K.; Kularatne, K.; Jayamanne, S.; Eddleston, M.; Dawson, A.; Konradsen, F.; Gunnell, D.
2013Reactivation of plasma butyrylcholinesterase by pralidoxime chloride in patients poisoned by WHO class II toxicity organophosphorus insecticidesKonickx, L.A.; Worek, F.; Jayamanne, S.; Thiermann, H.; Buckley, N.A.; Eddleston, M.
2015Risk factors associated with purchasing pesticide from shops for self-poisoning: a protocol for a population-based case-control studyWeerasinghe, M.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.; Pearson, M.; Gunnell, D.; Hawton, K.; Jayamanne, S.; Pabasara, C.; Jayathilaka, T.; Dissanayaka, K; Rajapaksha, S.; Thilakarathna, P.; Agampodi, S.
2021Risk factors for deliberate self-harm in young people in rural Sri Lanka: a prospective cohort study of 22,000 individualsFernando, K.; Jayamanna, S.; Weerasinghe, M.; Priyadarshana, C.; Ratnayake, R.; Pearson, M.; Gunnell, D.; Dawson, A.; Hawton, K.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.; Metcalfe, C.; Knipe, D.
2019Risk of suicide and repeat self-harm after hospital attendance for non-fatal self-harm in Sri Lanka: a cohort study.Knipe, D.; Metcalfe, C.; Hawton, K.; Pearson, M.; Dawson, A.; Jayamanne, S.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.; Gunnell, D.
2014The Role of private pesticide vendors in preventing access to pesticides for self-poisoning in rural Sri LankaWeerasinghe, M.; Pearson, M.; Peiris, R.; Dawson, A.H.; Eddleston, M.; Jayamanne, S.; Agampodi, S.; Konradsen, F.
2019Socioeconomic position and suicidal behaviour in rural Sri Lanka: a prospective cohort study of 168,000+ people.Knipe, D. W.; Gunnell, D.; Pieris, R.; Priyadarshana, C.; Weerasinghe, M.; Pearson, M.; Jayamanne, S.; Hawton, K.; Konradsen, F.; Eddleston, M.; Metcalfe, C.