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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aspects of moral character, civic purpose and social identity in relevance to the psychological well-being of adolescents in Sri Lanka.Chandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L.C.
2016Association of duration of untreated psychosis and functional level, in first episode of schizophrenia attendingan outpatient clinic in Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; Gunathillaka, K.; Mendis, J.
2016Association of family history of bipolar disorder with risk of violence in inpatient mania: a cohort studyChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; Rajapakse, T. N.
2017Child and youth mental health in postwar Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.
2019Collaborative networking between regional child mental health, paediatric and educational services in Gippsland, Australia: An online survey.Chandradasa, M.; Basu, S.
2018Commentary: Measuring depression in a non-western war-affected displaced population: measurement equivalence of the Beck Depression InventoryChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.
2016A comparative study of subjective experiences related to driving among outpatient psychotropic users and controls in Ragama, Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; Amarasuriya, M.; Wijelakshman, P.; Bandara, S.; Ranaweera, T.; Fernando, L.
2017A Comparative study on medical comorbidities among children with autism spectrum disorder and controls in a children’s hospital.Chandradasa, M.; Rohanachandra, Y.; Dahanayake, D.; Hettiarachchi, D.; Gunathilake, M.; Fernando, R.; Wijetunge, S.
2019Confluence of western psychotherapy and religious teachings in mental healthcare of an asian buddhist community: Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Kuruppuarachchi, K. A. L. A.
2018Delayed anxiety and depressive morbidity among dengue patients in a multi-ethnic urban setting: first report from Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Chandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; Siriwardana, S.; Wijesooriya, L.
2020Early Phase Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Response After Mass Trauma: Lessons Learned From the Easter Sunday Attack in Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L.C.; Rowel, M.; Fernando, L.
2015Female offenders with Psychiatric disordersChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; Mendis, S.; Fernando, F.
2017Fluoxetine-induced severe oral ulceration in a 13-year-old girlChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.
2019Gender disparity as a threat to the mental well-being of young Sri Lankan women.Chandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L.C.
2018High-functioning autism in a Sri Lankan youth with Langer-Giedion syndromeChandradasa, M.; Williams, S.
2018How the West can help to develop mental health services in resource-limited settingsChandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L.C.
2019Immediate-Release Methylphenidate-Associated Recurrent Nasal Bleeding in Siblings.Chandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L. C.
2018Improving mental health access to multi-religious university students in diverse culturesChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.
2017Internet gaming disorder among adolescentsChandradasa, M.; Rodrigo, A.
2018A Juvenile sex offender with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderChandradasa, M.; Hettiarachchi, D.; Fernando, R.; Gunathilake, M.; Wijetunge, S.; Tennakoon, A.