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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Early clinical course of IBD in Sri LankaNiriella, M.A.; Kodisinghe, S.K.; Dinamithra, N.P.; Rajapakshe, N.; Nanayakkara, S.D.; Luke, H.P.D.P.; Silva, K.T.M.; Dassanayake, A.S.; de Silva, A.P.; Navarathne, N.M.M.; de Silva, H.J.
2016Early course of inflammatory bowel disease in a population-based Inception cohort study from 8 countries in Asia and AustraliaNg, S.C.; Zeng, Z.; Niewiadomski, O.; Tang, W.; Bell, S.; Kamm, M.A.; Hu, P.; de Silva, H.J.; Niriella, M.A.; Udara, W.Y.; Ong, D.; Ling, K.L.; Ooi, C.J.; Hilmi, I.; Goh, K.L.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, Y.F.; Wu, K.; Wang, X.; Pisespongsa, P.; Manatsathit, S.; Aniwan, S.; Limsrivilai, J.; Gunawan, J.; Simadibrata, M.; Abdullah, M.; Tsang, S.W.; Lo, F.H.; Hui, A.; Chow, C.M.; Yu, H.H.; Li, M.F.; Ng, K.K.; Ching, J.Y.; Chan, V.; Wu, J.C.; Chan, F.K.; Chen, M.; Sung, J.J.; Asia-Pacific Crohn's and Colitis Epidemiology Study (ACCESS) Group
2018Early hepatitis is the strongest risk factor for the development of severe dengue infection: A points-based risk-score to predict critical disease in dengue feverNiriella, M.A.; Udeshika, A.K.M.A.; Liyanage, I.K.; de Silva, A.P.; de Silva, H.J.
2012Early predictors of severe dengue in adultsWijewantha, H.; Premaratna, R.; Mabharana, I.; Nishad, N.; de Silva, A.; de Silva, H.J.
2011Effect of a single dose of methyl prednisolone as rescue medication for patients who develop hypotensive dengue shock syndrome during the febrile phase: a retrospective observational studyPremaratna, R.; Jayasinghe, K.G.; Liyanaarachchi, E.W.; Weerasinghe, O.M.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, H.J.
2018Effect of antimicrobial agents on inflammatory cytokines in acute LeptospirosisFernando, N.; de Silva, R.; Hadunnetti, S.M.; Karunanayake, L.; de Silva, N.L.; de Silva, H.J.; Rajapakse, S.; Premawansa, S.
2016Effect of audio and visual distraction on patients undergoing colonoscopy: a randomized controlled studyde Silva, A.P.; Niriella, M.A.; Nandamuni, Y.; Nanayakkara, S.D.; Perera, K.R.P.; Kodisinghe, S.K.; Subasinghe, K.C.E.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, H.J.
2002Effect of carbohydrates meals for varying consistency on gastric myoelectrical activityFerdinandis, T.G.H.C.; Dissanayake, A.S.; de Silva, H.J.
1999Effect of mebendazole therapy in pregnancy on birth outcomede Silva, N.R.; Sirisena, J.; Gunasekera, D.P.; Ismail, M.M.; de Silva, H.J.
1994Effect of music on blood pressure in healthy young mende Silva, A.P.; de Silva, H.J.; Fonseka, C.
2002Effect of pollution on health of residents in an industrial area in Sri LankaPremaratna, R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Chandrasekara, B.; Dissanayake, A.S.; de Silva, H.J.
2000Effect of propranolol and nitrates on cardio-respiratory function in cirrhotic patientsPremaratna, B.A.H.R.; Sathischandra, H.; Thilakaratne, Y.; Shantharaj, W.S.; de Silva, H.J.
2010Effect of single dose methyl prednisolone in severe illness associated with dengue feverPremaratna, R.; Jayasinghe, K.G.N.U.; Liyanaarachchi, E.W.; Weerasinghe, O.M.S.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Williams, H.S.A.; de Silva, S.T.; de Silva, A.P.; de Silva, H.J.
2013Effectiveness of single dose intravenous methyl prednisolone in reversing on going vascular leakage in denguePremaratna, R.; Abeyrathna, C.; de Alwis, K.; de Silva, H.A.; de Silva, H.J.
2000Effects of pollution on health of residents in an industrial area in Sri lankaPremaratna, B.A.H.R.; Chandrasekera, K.A.B.; Dissanayake, A.S.D.; de Silva, H.J.
2002Effects of propanolol and nitrates on exercise capacity and nitrates on exercise capacity, respiratory minute volume and capillary oxygen saturation during exercise in cirrhotic patients with portal hypertensionPremaratna, R.; Sathischandra, H.; Tilakaratne, Y.; Shantharaj, W.; de Silva, H.J.
1991Effects of the faecal stream and stasis on the ileal pouch mucosade Silva, H.J.; Millard, P.R.; Soper, N.; Kettlewell, M.; Mortensen, N.; Jewell, D.P.
2001Efficacy of Liv 52 in alcoholic liver diseasede Silva, H.A.; Thabrew, M.I.; Saparamadu, P.A.M.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Fonseka, M.M.D.; de Silva, H.J.
1998Electrogastrographic observations in healthy adultsFerdinandis, T.G.H.C.; Dissanayake, A.S.; de Silva, H.J.
1998Electrogastrography (EGG) and gastric motility: an investigation to evaluate gastric emptying in those who undergo oesophago -gastric anastomosis without a pyloroplastySamarasekera, D.N.; Suraweera, P.H.R.; de Silva, H.J.; Dissanayake, A.S.