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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Feeding practices among children attending child welfare clinics in Ragama MOH area: a descriptive cross-sectional studyPerera, P.J.; Fernando, M.; Warnakulasuriya, T.; Ranathunga, N.
2013Growth parameters at birth of babies born in Gampaha district, Sri Lanka and factors influencing themPerera, P.J.; Ranathunga, N.; Fernando, M. P.; Warnakulasuriya, T.D.
2014Growth parameters of sri lankan children during infancy: A comparison with world health organization Multicentre growth reference studyPerera, P.J.; Fernanado, M.P.; Ranathunga, N.; Sampath, W.; Samaranayake, R.; Mettananda, S.
2014Head circumference during infancy in a birth cohort of Sri Lankan children: are we using the correct chart?Perera, P.J.; Fernando, M.P.; Samaranayake, R.
2017Hypocalcaemia leading to supra ventricular tachycardia in a three-month old Sri Lankan infant with vitamin D deficient rickets: a case reportFernando, M.P.; Perera, P.J.; Muthukumarana, O.J.; Uyangoda, K.
2012Iodine concentration in common potable water sources in the estates of Ratnapura district and thyroid status of childrenAbeysuriya, V.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Perera, P.J.; Kasturiratne, A.
2012Knowledge and practices related to helminth infections among mothers living in a suburban area of Sri LankaPerera, P.J.; Disanayake, D.; Fernando, M.P.; Warnakulasooriya, T.D.; Ranathunga, N.
2014Knowledge on mother to child transmission of HIV among newly registered antenatal mothers in MOH area RagamaPerera, H.P.; Wickramasuriya, C.D.; Perera, P.J.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2017Parent and Teacher Assessment as a Screening Tool for Hearing Loss among School Children.Sakalasuriya, S.; Perera, P.J.
2012Prevalence of dental caries among a cohort of preschool children living in Gampaha district, Sri Lanka: a descriptive cross sectional studyPerera, P.J.; Abeyweera, N.T.; Fernando, M.P.; Warnakulasuriya, T.D.; Ranathunga, N.
2016Socio-economic impact on Sri Lankan families managing a child with cerebral palsyPerera, P.J.; Fernanado, M.D.
2013Statistical characteristics of anterior fontanelle size at birth of term Sri Lankan new borns: a descriptive cross sectional studyPerera, P.J.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Ranathunga, N.; Fernando, M.P.; Warnakulasooriya, D.