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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Can pain flares in knee osteoarthritis be predicted?Atukorala, I.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Makovey, J.; Metcalf, B.; Bennell, K.L.; March, L.; Chang, T.; Zhang, Y.; Hunter, D.J.
2010Can we improve the criteria for selection of medical students in Sri Lanka?de Silva, N.R.; Salgado, L.S.S.; Fernando, G.M.O.; Liyanage, P.L.C.K.; Hewage, S.N.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2006Carbimazole induced agranulocytosis treated with GCS Fand surgerySenevirathne, M.P.; Rathnasena, B.G.N.; Jayathileke, M.M.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2008Cardiovascular risk in a Sri Lankan communityRanawaka, U.K.; Wijekoon, C.N.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, L.D.R.; Gunasekara, D.; Chackrewarthy, S.; Mizoue, T.; Kato, N.
2019Carotid artery stenosis in patients with ischaemic stroke in a tertiary care centre: Prevalence and associated factorsRanawaka, U.K.; Mettananda, K.C.D.; Eshani, M.D.P.; Wettasinghe, L.M.; Somaratne, S.; Premadasa, H.M.S.D.; Sirigampola, C.; Upasena, A.; Sathkorala, W.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2019Challenges of costing a surgical procedure in a lower-middle-income countryEkanayake, C.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Kularatna, S.; Herath, R.; Wijesinghe, P.
2018Challenges of costing a surgical procedure: a case study on hysterectomyRanasinghe, S.W.; Liyanage, L.; Peiris, R.; Bandaranayake, H.; Ekanayake, C.D.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Kularatna, S.; Wijesinghe, P.S.
2015Changes in Government and Trends in Alcohol Consumption in Sri Lanka between 1989 and 2013Pathmeswaran, A.; Perera, W.N.; Hettiarachchi, D.
2018Chronic low back pain and its association with lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral disc changes in adults. A case control studyKarunanayake, A.L.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Wijayaratne, L.S.
2005A Clinical guide for dengue detection, appropriate timing of investigations and hospital admissionsPremaratna, R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Amarasekera, N.D.D.M.; Motha, M.B.C.; Perera, K.V.H.H.K.; de Silva, H.J.
2009A Clinical guide for early detection of dengue fever and timing of investigations to detect patients likely to develop complicationsPremaratna, R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Amarasekera, N.D.D.M.; Motha, M.B.C.; Perera, K.V.H.K.K.; de Silva, H.J.
2017Clinical predictors of poor outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma of nonviral aetiologySiriwardana, H.D.R.C.; Niriella, M.A.; Dassanayake, A.S.; de Silva, A.P.; Gunathilake, B.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, H.J.
2021The clinical utility of accurate NAFLD ultrasound grading: Results from a community-based, prospective cohort studyNiriella, M.A.; Ediriweera, D.S.; Kasturiratne, A.; Gunasekara, D.; de Silva, S.T.; Dassanayake, A.S.; de Silva, A.P.; Kato, N.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; de Silva, H.J.
2020Clinicopathological characteristics and oncological outcomes of patients with renal cell carcinomaAmbegoda, M.; Paranamanna, R.; Kumara, S.; Balagobi, B.; Sosai, C.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Abeygunasekera, A.
2012Clostridium difficile infection in inflammatory bowel disease patients in Sri LankaWaraketiya, P.R.; de Silva, A.P.; Wijesinghe, N.T.; Waraketiya, P.R.; Wijewantha, H.S.; Chandrasena, L.G.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, H.J.
2013Cluster randomized trial of the impact of school based deworming and weekly iron supplementation on haemoglobin level of plantation primary school childrenEbenezer, R.; Gunawardena, N.K.; Kumarendran, B.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, N.R.
2013Cluster-randomised trial of the impact of school-based deworming and iron supplementation on the cognitive abilities of schoolchildren in Sri Lanka's plantation sectorEbenezer, R.; Gunawardena, K.; Kumarendran, B.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Jukes, M.C.; Drake, L.J.; de Silva, N.R.
2015Cochrane Reviews on deworming and the right to a healthy, worm-free lifede Silva, N.; Ahmed, B.N.; Casapia, M.; de Silva, H.J.; Gyapong, J.; Malecela, M.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2008A Collection of research papers on adolescent sexual and reproductive HealthWickremasinghe, A.R.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2009Colonoscopic ultrasound is associated with a learning phenomenon despite previous rigid probe experienceSiriwardana, P.N.; Hewavisenthi, S.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Deen, K.I.