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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Global trends, international politics and heritage management in Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
2003H.C.P. Bell and his Archaeological research in Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
2013Household Archaeology: A Theoretical PerspectiveManatunga, Anura; Dibyopama, Astha
2009The identification of the chola invasion of Sri Vijaya as an invasion to Southern Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
2015Identification of the Statue near Potgul Vihara at Polonnaruva as Amoghapasa Avalokiteshvara BodhisattvaManatunga, Anura
2011International Association for Asian HeritageManatunga, Anura
2014International Politics, foreign policies and museums in AsiaManatunga, Anura
2012An interpretation of the Buddha statues at Galvihare, PolonnaruwaManatunga, Anura
2014Kalinga - Sri Lanka relations : Patronage to Buddhism by Kalinga king Nissanka Malla (1187-1196 AD) of the Polonnaruva kingdomManatunga, Anura
1998The Kandyan Uprising in 1818: a list of the Participated, Suspected and Acquiesced persons, By Bandara Manatunga, Retrospect No. 3,Manatunga, Anura; Bulankulame, I.; Rathnayaka, P.
1990The Kiri Oya Valley, In The settlement Archaeology of the Sigiriya Dambulla regionManatunga, Anura
1990The 'Maradanmaduva- Tabbova' culture terracottas found at Manavava in the vicinity of InamaluvaManatunga, Anura
2011Metal work in Pre- Modern Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
2015The museum as a repository for modern materials: theoretical basis and practical issuesManatunga, Anura
2013Museum objects of foreign origin: A study into issues related to accession, repatriation and legal rightsManatunga, Anura
2013Personalities in Asian HeritageManatunga, Anura
2011Preserve Asian folk archivesManatunga, Anura; Jayasekara, A.H.D.; Fernando, T.; Upadhyay, V.
2012Reconstruction of Ruined Stupas and Revivalism of Buddhism in Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
1996Research Potential for studies on the Origin of Agriculture in Sri Lanka: A feasibility SurveyManatunga, Anura
1997RetrospectManatunga, Anura