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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Incidental finding of occult carcinoma in histology in total thyroidectomy for benign thyroid diseaseFernando, R.; Mettananda, D.S.G.; Kariyakarawana, L.
2009Incidental occult carcinomas in total thyroidectomy for benign diseases of the thyroidFernando, R.; Mettananda, D.S.G.; Kariyakarawana, L.
2018Incidental thyroid carcinoma in benign thyroid disease: A Cohort studyPinto, D.; Munasinghe, N.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Fernando, R.
2016Incidental thyroid carcinoma in benign thyroid disease: a longitudinal descriptive studyPinto, M.D.P; Pradeep, I.H.D.S.; Amaraweera, P.C.; Munasinghe, B.N.L.; Kumarasinghe, K.A.P.R.; Dissanayake, D.M.C.D.; Fernando, R.
2009Inorganic content of water and prevalence of goitre in Sri LankaFernando, R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Atulugama, N.S.; Mubarak, M.N.A; Edirisinghe, E.M.D.A.R.; Abeysinghe, A.P.S.D.; Fernanado, W.M.T.P.S.; Premathilaka, H.M.M.S.
2018A Juvenile sex offender with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderChandradasa, M.; Hettiarachchi, D.; Fernando, R.; Gunathilake, M.; Wijetunge, S.; Tennakoon, A.
2016Lateral approach to thyroidDissanayake, D.M.C.D.; Kumarasinghe, K.A.P.R.; Pinto, M.D.P.; Amaraweera, P.C.; Munasinghe, B.N.L.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Fernando, R.
2014Melioidosis associated with chronic osteomyelitis and visceral organ abscessesMathurageethan, M.; Kahathuduwa, C.; Badanasinghe, N.; Corea, E.; Fernando, R.
2020Microcytic anemia in children: Parallel screening for iron deficiency and Thalassemia provides a useful opportunity for Thalassemia prevention in low- and middle-income countriesMettananda, S.; Paranamana, S.; Fernando, R.; Suranjan, M.; Rodrigo, R.; Perera, L.; Vipulaguna, T.; Fernando, P.; Fernando, M.; Dayanath, B.K.T.P.; Costa, Y.; Premawardhena, A.
2011Micronodularity is an important physical sign in chronic autoimmune thyroiditisJayatunse, D.N.U.; Pinto, M.D.P.; Fernando, R.
2016Mini incision thyroidectomy: alternative approach to cosmetic thyroidectomyMunasinghe, B.N.L.; Fernando, R.; Kumarasinghe, K.A.P.R.; Sandaruwan, C.; Pinto, M.D.P.; Amaraweera, P.C.; Dissanayake, D.M.C.D.
2015Morphology of the tubercle of Zuckerkandl and its importance in thyroid surgeryRajapaksha, A.; Fernando, R.; Ranasinghe, N.; Iddagoda, S.
2017Myths and fallacies in thyroid diseaseFernando, R.
2020Novel technique for uninterrupted confirmation of endotracheal tube position for awake fiberoptic intubationKerner, V.; Gunathilake, B.; Fernando, R.
2017Paths, Places and Voids: some thoughts on a prehistoric symbolic representation recovered from a cave in Sabaragamuva Province, Sri LankaSomadeva1, R.; Wanninayake, A.; Devage, D.; Ambalampitiya, J; Fernando, R.
2019Perplexing issues in the management of thyroid nodulesFernando, R.
2019Place for elective cholecystectomy for patients with severe thalassaemia: a retrospective case control study.Premawardhena, A.; Fernando, R.; Kumarage, S.; Nishad, N.; Goonatilleke, D.; Silva, I.; Mettananda, S.
2010Pleomorphic adenoma of palateFernando, R.; Bandara, D.M.S.M.; Perera, W.A.T.M.
2017Pre and post operative assessment of voice changes in patients undergoing total thyroidectomyDissanayake, D.M.C.D.; Fernando, R.; Munasinge, B.N.L.; Thilakarathne, S.B.; Pinto, D.P.; Uragoda, U.A.
2020Protocol for the Sri Lankan Cerebral Palsy Register pilot studyHeiyanthuduwage, T.M.; Sumanasena, S.P.; Kitnasamy, G.; Sheedy, H. S.; Khandaker, G.; Fernando, R.; Wijesekara, S.; Jagoda, J.; Ratnayake, P.; Wanigasinghe, J.; Mclntyre, S.; Goldsmith, S.; Waight, E.; Badawi, N.; Muhit, M.; Muttiah, N.