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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Geohelminthic infection in an estate child population in Sri Lanka: association with hygienic practices and eosinophil countsBanneheke, B.M.H.A.; Gunawardane, D.M.D.E.A.; Pinidiyapathirage, M.J.; Ekanayake, S.; Withana, R.J.; Tilakaratne, W.D.T.
2009Improving the nutritional quality of coconut oil by incorporating phenolic substances of coconut cakeSeneviratne, K.N.; Hapuarachchi, C.D.; Ekanayake, S.
2007Knowledge and perceptions of filariasis in Colombo, Sri Lanka, among patients with chronic filarial lymphoedemaWijesinghe, R.S.; Ekanayake, S.; Perera, M.S.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2005Knowledge and perceptions of lymphedema in patients attending filariasis clinics in the Colombo districtWijesinghe, R.; Ekanayake, S.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2007Management Functions and Core Competencies for Value Gain: Sri Iankan Gem and Jewelry IndustryEkanayake, S.; Abeysinghe, D.
2005Physical disability and psychosocial impact associated with lymphoedema in patients attending filariasis clinics in the Colombo district.Wijesinghe, R.; Ekanayake, S.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2007Physical disability and psychosocial impact due to chronic filarial lymphoedema in Sri LankaWijesinghe, R.S.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Ekanayake, S.; Perera, M.S.
2008Preparation of Coconut oil blends and the evaluation of their health effectsSeneviratne, K.N.; Ekanayake, S.; Kotuwegedara, R.T.
2016Serum ferritin in newly diagnosed breast cancer and apparently healthy individualsAkalanka, H.M.K.; Ekanayake, S.; Samarasinghe, K.
2008Service Technologies Creates a Tangible Link for Value Generation: Service Economy in Sri LankaEkanayake, S.; Abeysinghe, D.
2013A strategy for innovation management to earn premium valueEkanayake, S.
2008Treatment seeking behavior and treatment practices of lymphatic filariasis patients with Lymphoedema in the Colombo district, Sri LankaWijesinghe, R.S.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Ekanayake, S.; Perera, M.S.A.
2018Variation of water solubility index and water absorption index of Ipome batatas (sweet potatoes) cultivarsWaidyarathna, G. R. N. N.; Ekanayake, S.; Chandrasekara, G. A. P.