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  • Mendis, D.S.K.; Karunanda, A.S.; Samaratunga, U.; Ratnayake, U. (2007)
    Knowledge modelling gives the intention of knowledge engineering which applicable for managing information systems. Tacit knowledge is the key issue of knowledge modelling aspect because all knowledge is rooted in tacit ...
  • Kaldera, H.P.I.J.; Samaratunga, U.; Jayawardane, K.B. (International Conference on Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha and Traditional Medicine (5th ICAUST). Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, 2017)
    Bala is a broad concept in Ayurveda which includes Thvidhabala namely Sahaja, Kala)a and each of which depends on many factors such as the nature of Sukra and mother's food habit during pregnancy, Desa and Käla of ...
  • Ven. Dhammissara, M. (Journal of Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute, Volume 02, No.01, June-2005, 2005)
    Ayurveda also gives an importance to the physical exercise for the maintenance of good health. According to Ayurveda the consequences resulting from physical exercise are not only lightness of the body capacity for work, ...
  • Ven. Dhammissara, M. (Sportsmedcon-2004 and International Seminar on Science and Medicine in Sports at the Grassroot Level, Department of Physical Education, Vinaya Bhavana, Visva- Bharati, West Bengal Association of Sports Medicine- Kolkata, 2004)
    Vyäyäma or Physical Exercise is quite essential for a person to maintain his normal health. Also it helps to carry out daily tasks with energy and attentiveness, without undue tiredness, and with ample vigor. Ayurveda ...
  • Mendis, D.S.K.; Karunananda, A.S.; Samaratunga, U. (2002)
    This paper presents a real world application where intelligent techniques have given promising results when statistical methods fail. Here we have considered the domain of Ayurvedic classification of individuals. Ayurvedic ...

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