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  • Amarasinghe, A.V.D.S.; Katunatileke, N.G.A.; Shadini, A.M.D.M. (Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science, 2011)
    It is found that an essential singularity is introduced at the origin of the complex k-plane in the S-matrix element in addition to the infinite number of zeros and poles apparently introduced due to the Coulomb potential. ...
  • Ubeynarayana, C.U.; Dharmasiri, K.G.E.U.; Piyadasa, R.A.D. (Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science, 2013)
  • Perera, U.; Böckmann, C. (Mathematics, 2019)
    In this paper Lie group method in combination with Magnus expansion is utilized to develop a universal method applicable to solving a Sturm–Liouville problem (SLP) of any order with arbitrary boundary conditions. It is ...
  • Perera, U.; Böckmann, C. (Mathematics, 2020)
    This paper further improves the Lie group method with Magnus expansion proposed in a previous paper by the authors, to solve some types of direct singular Sturm–Liouville problems. Next, a concrete implementation to the ...
  • Munasinghe, J.; Gunasekera, H.D.S. (International Conference on Computational Modelling and Simulation-2017 (ICCMS 117), Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka., 2017)
    The present study was carried out in an attempt to observe and analyze the tidal height changes due to the motion of the sun, moon and earth, in the west coastal area of Sri Lanka. Tidal height deviations from the Mean Sea ...

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