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  • Gunasekera, P.C.; Chandrasena, L.G.; Gunasekera, D.P.; Sirisena, J. (Sri Lanka Medical Association, 1997)
    No Abstract Available
  • Dias, T.; Akoleka, R. (Elsevier, 2014)
    Timing of delivery of twins should be decided when the benefit of prolonging the pregnancy outweighs the risk of stillbirth. Perinatal mortality of singletons is increased significantly after 42 weeks, whereas perinatal ...
  • Premaratna, R.; Ragupathy, A.; Miththinda, J.K.N.D.; de Silva, H.J. (Elsevier, 2013)
    BACKGROUND: Fluid leakage remains the hallmark of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). The applicability of currently recommendedpredictors of DHF for adults with dengue is questionable as these are based on studies conducted ...
  • Manamperi, N.H.; de Silva, M.V.C.; Pathirana, N.; Abeyewickreme, W.; Karunaweera, N.D. (American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2018)
    Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is diagnosed mainly by light microscopy of smears made using lesion material. Histopathology is usually done in atypical presentations or when lesion smears are negative. Tissue impression ...
  • de Silva, D.G.H.; Mendis, L.N.; Sheron, N.; Alexander, G.J.; Candy, D.C.; Chart, H.; Rowe, B. (Lancet Publishing Group, 1992)
    Comment on; Braegger CP, et. al. (Lancet. 1992; 339(8785):89-91). No Abstract Available
  • Fonseka, C. (British Medical Association, 1996)
    No Abstract Available
  • Edrisinghe, N.; Wijesinghe, C.A.; Williams, S.S.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A. (Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists, 2014)
    Background Studies in Western populations indicate that the prevalence of smoking in patients with schizophrenia ranges from 70-90%. Data from low and middle income countries is sparse. Aims To determine the prevalence of ...
  • Chandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; de Silva, S.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A. (BioMed Central, 2017)
    BACKGROUND: Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder with a higher mortality than that of the general population. Most of the deaths are due to cardiovascular causes and are related to metabolic risks. This risk is due not ...
  • Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Ediriweera, D.S.; Hewavisenthi, J.; Kumarage, S.; Deen, K.I. (Springer India, 2014)
    BACKGROUND: Lymph node status is important in staging colorectal cancer (CRC). Presence of metastatic nodes differentiates stage IIIfrom stage II. The role of adjuvant therapy is still unclear in stage II CRC. Inadequate ...
  • Jayatunge, S.P.; Mahendra, G.; Siyabalapitiya, S.; Siriwardana, R.C.; Liyanage, C. (EDORIUM Journals, 2015)
    Introduction: Fatty replacement of the exocrine pancreas also known as lipomatosis, adipose atrophy or lipomatous pseudohypertrophy is a well recognize benign condition. This fatty infiltration can occur either focally or ...
  • Ozdemir, V.; Rosenblatt, D.S.; Warnich, L.; Srivastava, S.; Tadmouri, G.O.; Aziz, R.K.; Reddy, P.J.; Manamperi, A.; Dove, E.S.; Joly, Y.; Zawati, M.H.; Hizel, C.; Yazan, Y.; John, L.; Vaast, E.; Ptolemy, A.S.; Faraj, S.A.; Kolke, R.E.; Cotton, R.G. (Bentham Science, 2011)
    No Abstract Available
  • de Silva, H.J.; Samarawickrema, N.A.; Wickremasinghe, A.R. (Oxford University Press, 2006)
    The inappropriate use of toxic chemicals is common in developing countries, where it leads to excessive exposure and high risks of unintentional poisoning. The risks are particularly high with the pesticides used in ...
  • Chandrasena, N.; Herath, R.; Rupasinghe, N.; Samarasinghe, B.; Samaranayake, H.; Kasturiratne, A.; de Silva, N.R. (London, UK : Maney Publishing., 2016)
    BACKGROUND: Primary gestational toxoplasmosis can be transmitted to the fetus with deleterious effects on the pregnancy. There is very little information regarding gestational toxoplasmosis in Sri Lanka. This survey was ...
  • Sunil-Chandra, N.P. (Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists, 2008)
    No Abstract Available
  • de Silva, H.J. (Sri Lanka Medical Association, 1994)
  • Ramanayake, R.P.J.C.; de Silva, A.H.W.; Perera, D.P.; Sumanasekera, R.D.N.; Athukorala, L.A.C.L.; Fernando, K.A.T. (Medknow, 2015)
    INTRODUCTION: Worldwide Family Medicine has gained an important place in the undergraduate medical curriculum over the last few decades and general practices have become training centers for students. Exposure to patients ...
  • Ramanayake, R.P.J.C.; de Silva, A.H.W.; Perera, D.P.; Sumanasekera, R.D.N.; Athukorala, L.A.C.L.; Fernando, K.A.T. (Lesley Pocock medi+WORLD International, 2014)
    INTRODUCTION: Training medical students in the setting of family/general practice has increased considerably in the past few decades in Sri Lanka with the introduction of family medicine into the undergraduate curriculum. ...
  • Kato, N.; Loh, M.; Takeuchi, F.; Verweij, N.; Wang, X.; Zhang, W.; Kelly, T.N.; Saleheen, D.; Lehne, B.; Leach, I.M.; Drong, A.W.; Abbott, J.; Wahl, S.; Tan, S.T.; Scott, W.R.; Campanella, G.; Chadeau-Hyam, M.; Afzal, U.; Ahluwalia, T.S.; Bonder, M.J.; Chen, P.; Dehghan, A.; Edwards, T.L.; Esko, T.; Go, M.J.; Harris, S.E.; Hartiala, J.; Kasela, S.; Kasturiratne, A.; Khor, C.C.; Kleber, M.E.; Li, H.; Mok, Z.Y.; Nakatochi, M.; Sapari, N.S.; Saxena, R.; Stewart, A.F.; Stolk, L.; Tabara, Y.; Teh, A.L.; Wu, Y.; Wu, J.Y.; Zhang, Y.; Aits, I.; Da Silva Couto Alves, A.; Das, S.; Dorajoo, R.; Hopewell, J.C.; Kim, Y.K.; Koivula, R.W.; Luan, J.; Lyytikäinen, L.P.; Nguyen, Q.N.; Pereira, M.A.; Postmus, I.; Raitakari, O.T.; Bryan, M.S.; Scott, R.A.; Sorice, R.; Tragante, V.; Traglia, M.; White, J.; Yamamoto, K.; Zhang, Y.; Adair, L.S.; Ahmed, A.; Akiyama, K.; Asif, R.; Aung, T.; Barroso, I.; Bjonnes, A.; Braun, T.R.; Cai, H.; Chang, L.C.; Chen, C.H.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chong, Y.S.; Collins, R.; Courtney, R.; Davies, G.; Delgado, G.; Do, L.D.; Doevendans, P.A.; Gansevoort, R.T.; Gao, Y.T.; Grammer, T.B.; Grarup, N.; Grewal, J.; Gu, D.; Wander, G.S.; Hartikainen, A.L.; Hazen, S.L.; He, J.; Heng, C.K.; Hixson, J.E.; Hofman, A.; Hsu, C.; Huang, W.; Husemoen, L.L.; Hwang, J.Y.; Ichihara, S.; Igase, M.; Isono, M.; Justesen, J.M.; Katsuya, T.; Kibriya, M.G.; Kim, Y.J.; Kishimoto, M.; Koh, W.P.; Kohara, K.; Kumari, M.; Kwek, K.; Lee, N.R.; Lee, J.; Liao, J.; Lieb, W.; Liewald, D.C.; Matsubara, T.; Matsushita, Y.; Meitinger, T.; Mihailov, E.; Milani, L.; Mills, R.; Mononen, N.; Müller-Nurasyid, M.; Nabika, T.; Nakashima, E.; Ng, H.K.; Nikus, K.; Nutile, T.; Ohkubo, T.; Ohnaka, K.; Parish, S.; Paternoster, L.; Peng, H.; Peters, A.; Pham, S.T.; Pinidiyapathirage, M.J.; Rahman, M.; Rakugi, H.; Rolandsson, O.; Rozario, M.A.; Ruggiero, D.; Sala, C.F.; Sarju, R.; Shimokawa, K.; Snieder, H.; Sparso, T.; Spiering, W.; Starr, J.M.; Stott, D.J.; Stram, D.O.; Sugiyama, T.; Szymczak, S.; Tang, W.H.; Tong, L.; Trompet, S.; Turjanmaa, V.; Ueshima, H.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Umemura, S.; Vaarasmaki, M.; van Dam, R.M.; van Gilst, W.H.; van Veldhuisen, D.J.; Viikari, J.S.; Waldenberger, M.; Wang, Y.; Wang, A.; Wilson, R.; Wong, T.Y.; Xiang, Y.B.; Yamaguchi, S.; Ye, X.; Young, R.D.; Young, T.L.; Yuan, J.M.; Zhou, X.; Asselbergs, F.W.; Ciullo, M.; Clarke, R.; Deloukas, P.; Franke, A.; Franks, P.W.; Franks, S.; Friedlander, Y.; Gross, M.D.; Guo, Z.; Hansen, T.; Jarvelin, M.R.; Jorgensen, T.; Jukema, J.W.; Kähönen, M.; Kajio, H.; Kivimaki, M.; Lee, J.Y.; Lehtimäki, T.; Linneberg, A.; Miki, T.; Pedersen, O.; Samani, N.J.; Sorensen, T.I.; Takayanagi, R.; Toniolo, D.; BIOS-consortium; CARDIo GRAMplusCD; LifeLines Cohort Study; InterAct Consortium; Ahsan, H.; Allayee, H.; Chen, Y.T.; Danesh, J.; Deary, I.J.; Franco, O.H.; Franke, L.; Heijman, B.T.; Holbrook, J.D.; Isaacs, A.; Kim, B.J.; Lin, X.; Liu, J.; März, W.; Metspalu, A.; Mohlke, K.L.; Sanghera, D.K.; Shu, X.O.; van Meurs, J.B.; Vithana, E.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Wijmenga, C.; Wolffenbuttel, B.H.; Yokota, M.; Zheng, W.; Zhu, D.; Vineis, P.; Kyrtopoulos, S.A.; Kleinjans, J.C.; McCarthy, M.I.; Soong, R.; Gieger, C.; Scott, J.; Teo, Y.Y.; He, J.; Elliott, P.; Tai, E.S.; van der Harst, P.; Kooner, J.S.; Chambers, J.C. (Nature Publishing Company, 2015)
    We carried out a trans-ancestry genome-wide association and replication study of blood pressurephenotypes among up to 320,251 individuals of East Asian, European and South Asian ancestry. We find genetic variants at 12 new ...
  • Chandrasinghe, P.; Strouhal, R.; Srinivasaiah, N.; Alex Leo, C.; Samaranayake, S.; Warusavitarne, J. (College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, 2017)
    INTRODUCTION: Trans anal minimal invasive surgery (TAMIS) is a novel technique gaining popularity in colorectal surgery due to its precision in pelvic dissection and easy accessibility to the distal rectum. Its use in ...

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