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  • Atapattu, I I.Y.R.; De Silva, D.S.M.; Pathiratne, K.A.S.; Dharmadasa, I.M. (Solar Asia 2018 Int. Conf. National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka., 2018)
    Among the post deposition treatments available for development of CdS/CdTe solar cells, CdCl2 treatment has been identified as one of the key processing steps that can be effectively used for improving power conversion ...
  • Lakmal, A. A. I.; Kumarasinghe, R. K. K. G. R. G.; Maddumage, D. C.; Kumarage, W. G. C.; Munasinghe, M. A. H. M.; Seneviratne, V. A.; Dassanayake, B. S. (4th International Research Symposium on Pure and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2019)
    Cadmium sulfide (CdS) is a II-VI group semiconducting material which has been thoroughly investigated due to its superior optical and electrical properties that can be applicable in wide range of semiconductor devices ...
  • De Alwis, A.C.S.; Atapattu, H.Y.R.; De Silva, D.S.M. (Solar Asia 2018 Int. Conf. National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 2018)
    Thin film CdS/CdTe solar cells produced by the technique of electrodeposition (ED) on conducting glass substrates have become one of the leading applications of photovoltaics due to its high energy conversion efficiency ...
  • Atapattu, H.Y.R.; De Silva, D.S.M.; Ojo, A.A.; Dharmadasa, I.M. (Development of Solar Power Generation and Energy Harvesting, 2018)
    This study focused on fabrication of CdS/CdTe solar cells using the technique of electrodeposition as it is simple, low cost and scalable method. Initially, CdS and CdTe materials were individually deposited on fluorine ...
  • De Alwisl, A.C.S.; Atapattu, H.Y.R.; De Silva, D.S.M. (Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2018) 29:12419-12428, 2018)
    Owing to the greater efficiency in energy conversion by absorbing energy in a wider range of the solar spectrum, thin film CdSICdTe solar cells have been popularized as a prominent application of photovoltaics and the ...

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